Technology FAQs

1. Where can I get answers to questions about technology?
The Technology Support Desk is located in Technology Center 148. Feel free to visit them in TC 148, call 605-626-2283 or email at
2. Do I need a computer?
Yes, all full-time students are required to bring a laptop or mobile device to campus.
3. What kind of computer should I buy?
NSU does not require a specific brand or type of mobile device, but Apple or Hewlett-Packard systems are recommended. Please visit our Technology Requirements page for details.
4. What else will I need to buy?
It is recommended that you bring a CAT6 network (Ethernet) cable. Even if you use the wireless, a cable can help in some instances, especially for your gaming devices. We also recommend you bring a flash or thumb drive to back up your data.

5. What software will I need?

  • NSU requires anti-virus software to connect to our network. Computers with Windows 10 OS have built-in anti-virus.
  • Microsoft Office 2013  is used throughout campus and we recommend you purchase Microsoft 365 University Edition. 
6. Where can I access the internet?
All residence halls have both wired and wireless connections. In addition, wireless access is available throughout the entire campus, including the outside quad area and the Seymour green space.
7. How can I prepare my computer for access to the NSU network?
Before you come to campus, you should make sure your computer has the most recent computer updates, specifically Microsoft Windows updates.
8. When will I get my NSU account information?
Once you have been accepted to NSU and have registered for courses, your NSU account will be created. You can retrieve your account information online at account retrieval. You will need to know two of the following: NSU student ID number, date of birth, and/or last four digits of your Social Security number.
9. Can I get my computer fixed at NSU?
NET Services can help you with a variety of computer problems. Our technicians can perform warranty work on some computers as well as assist with hardware repair for machines not under warranty. They can also assist with software problems such as installation, virus removal and connecting to the internet. There are no charges for these services except in cases where non-warranty hardware must be ordered.
10. Are peer-to-peer file sharing systems illegal?
P2P technologies have many legitimate uses. For this reason, NSU does not completely ban P2P programs for its network. We believe, however, that the primary use of P2P technology has been the copying of commercial music and video files, without the copyright holder's permission, for personal enjoyment. It is that type of activity that generally violates copyright law. Learn More
11. How can I obtain digital music and video files legally?
Some music, movies and television shows can be legally obtained through online subscription services or from sites officially permitted by the copyright holders to offer certain downloads. Some of the "pay for play" services from which these files can be legally obtained are listed below.
  • Music: Apple iTunes Music Store, Rhapsody, eMusic and
  • Movies/TV: AtomFilms, CinemaNow, MovieFlix, Movielink and NetFlix
12. Can I use my gaming devices to play online?
Yes. You will need to register your device before obtaining access. The Support Desk can help you connect your gaming device to the network.
13. Can I set up my own network in my room?
No. To ensure our network is safe and secure, individuals are not allowed to connect personal routers or switches to their network port. This restriction also includes wireless devices such as routers, hubs or switches (a.k.a. access points). Students are allowed to set up wireless printers in infrastructure mode only. If you need assistance, please contact the Support Desk.
14. Can I use my data phone at NSU?
Yes. The Support Desk can help you configure your phone for our network.
15. What other services does NET Services offer to students?
You have access to numerous other services as an NSU student. We provide equipment check-outs for students including laptop check-outs should your machine be in process of repair. We also can assist students with multimedia projects such a video or audio production, videoconferencing and software assistance. If you have a technology-related question that hasn't been answered, please contact the Support Desk. We are here to serve you!
16. Are there any technology employment positions available?
If you have an interest in technology, NET Services provides numerous job opportunities for students. We hire work study and student labor positions in computer repair, media services, web development and the Support Desk. We encourage you to stop by to inquire about positions. If you enjoy working with instructional technology or design, websites, computer repair, or multimedia and distance delivery, we encourage you to apply for our Technology Fellowship program.