Andrzej Duszenko

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Andrzej Duszenko
Tech Center 254

Professor of English

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Languages, Literature and Communication Studies
English Education

Dr. Andrzej Duszenko

Professor of English

M.A., Wroclaw University, Poland

Ph.D, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale


Dr. Andrzej Duszenko has been a faculty member at Northern since 1989. In addition to teaching, he is serving or has served on Northern's Information Technology Planning Committee, the South Dakota Board of Regents€' Web Advisory Council and the NSU Taskforce for Mobile Computing. He is website advisor for the NSU English Club and Northern Lights, and an editor of the NSU College of Arts and Sciences Newsletter, Heart and Soul.

"The Joyce of Science: Quantum Physics in Finnegans Wake." Irish University Review 24.2 (1994).

"The Relativity Theory in Finnegans Wake. James Joyce Quarterly 32.1 (1994).
"Contemporary Science and the Image of the World." Stopping the Process? Contemporary Views on Art and Exhibitions. Helsinki: The Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, 1998.
Various hypertext projects are available on Dr. Duszenko's personal site.