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Graduate Studies
Sharon Paranto, Director

or Tammy Griffith, Program Assistant 


Spafford Hall 204A
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2558
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Northern State University
E-learning Graduate Programs
Technology is an essential part of the classroom and the corporate world of business and industry. A master's degree in this area will help you, as an education professional or business leader, have a better understanding of technology and how to train others to use technology for success in their field. 
Master of Science in Education in Instructional Design in E-learning
This program prepares you to help others use technology to teach and learn more effectively. With the increased demand for distance delivery of instruction, instructional designers are needed in K-12 and higher education, government, and corporate settings.
Most post-secondary institutions and many K-12 school districts employ technology specialists with degrees in e-learning to assist teachers with the integration of advanced technologies in the




classroom. In this program, you'll learn to create ​powerful learning experiences for teachers and students. You'll also learn the ADDIE process of instructional design.


This program is available online, giving you the opportunity to complete your degree from the comfort of your home or office.


Master of Science in Training and Development in E-learning

This program prepares you to design effective learning environments, develop high-quality online instruction, and provide training and professional development opportunities. Large corporations rely on instructional design departments to develop online training materials for a variety of applications, including new staff orientation, specialized leadership and management preparation, customer service guidelines, and OSHA/safety training.


Courses focus on technology skills to support organizational technology initiatives, including web and multimedia design and development. You'll also learn advanced techniques to manage technological processes and entrepreneurship opportunities.


This program is available online, giving you the opportunity to complete your degree from the comfort of your home or office.



Please contact Dr. Gregory Francom at or 605-626-2461 for more information before you apply to either program.