History of the CEIB

Created by Northern State University in 1994 in cooperation with the Governor's office of Economic Development (GOED), the Center for Excellence in International Business (CEIB)€™'s initial mission was to facilitate training programs to assist individuals, businesses, and agencies in doing business internationally and to create and host the International Business Conference in Rapid City, S.D. Activities in the first 18 years included:
  • Faculty training€
  • Creation of a study abroad program€
  • Support for students to travel abroad
  • The International Business Conference
By 2011, the study abroad program had grown into its own department, freeing up resources for the CEIB to focus on new initiatives.
In 2012, the CEIB's mission was restructured to include entrepreneurship. This new directive has led to new student-centered programming such as participation in Global Entrepreneurship Week, with activities like an Idea Pitch Competition and speakers. CEIB has also recognized the importance of networking for entrepreneurial students, so has sponsored their attendance at regional entrepreneurship conferences and startup weekends. These new programs help support the existing academic program and activities in international business.
Today, the CEIBs mission is to expand and promote the knowledge and practice of international business and entrepreneurship to inspire and enable students to think globally.
Goal 1: Enhance international business and entrepreneurship academic programs
Goal 2: To develop ethical and entrepreneurial students for a global society
Goal 3: Provide entrepreneurial, international, research-oriented knowledge and experiences that expose students and faculty to different values, cultures, languages, and business practices around the world
Vision: The Center of Excellence in International Business will be preeminent in the state of South Dakota in promotion and knowledge creation in practice, pedagogy, and research in international business and entrepreneurship.