Mathematics is an essential tool for many career paths. As an NSU mathematics major, you’ll receive a strong foundation in math that sets the stage for a successful career. NSU math courses foster the ability to ask questions and learn valuable critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

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NSU's B.S. degree in mathematics prepares you for graduate-level study in mathematics and employment in fields such as engineering, information technology, physics, the medical profession, financial analysis, banking and government.

NSU offers a wide variety of upper-level mathematics courses, including Calculus 1-3, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Abstract Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Modern Geometry, Foundations of Mathematics, History of Mathematics, Complex Analysis, and Real Analysis.

NSU has a chapter of the national mathematics honor society, Kappa Mu Epsilon.




Most mathematics graduates work for businesses and corporations and in the education sector as teachers. A significant number work as software engineers, computer programmers and systems analysts. Many are self-employed as consultants. Other potential job areas include accounting, statistics, engineering, industry, business and economics.

Students are encouraged to consult with the NSU Mathematics Department regarding career potentials.

For more information on careers in your major or help choosing a major, contact the NSU Career Center.

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