Student Spotlight: Lorisa Schoenbeck

Lorisa Schoenbeck

Student Spotlight: Lorisa Schoenbeck

Lorisa Schoenbeck, a senior at NSU and major in professional accounting, has a unique love for taxes.

Originally from Webster, S.D., Schoenbeck was a student at Augustana University majoring in political science before coming to Northern.

“I had started with a political science major because I loved the government and business aspect of it,” said Schoenbeck. “But I loved learning about taxes more. It was so interesting to read about."

Schoenbeck decided to attend NSU’s School of Business for professional accounting with a minor in banking.

“It was much closer to home. I was able to visit my family for dinner and come back in the same day,” said Schoenbeck. “Eventually I made it into my home. I couldn’t imagine studying anywhere else.”

Applying Knowledge during Internships

Now an accounting intern at Agtegra Cooperative, Schoenbeck is able to apply the information her classes have taught her.

“I have a year before I graduate, so being able to practice what I have learned and gain work experience really gives me an upper hand,” said Schoenbeck. “It really helps the things I have learned in class come full circle.”

Schoenbeck also described how her time at NSU has made her more business-minded, and has learned a lot about the business world.

“It was like I was blind when I first came to NSU,” said Schoenbeck. “And now I can actually see why things happen in the business world very clearly.”

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Schoenbeck found herself reading the majority of her class-assigned textbooks.

“It very much helped me put the pieces together, as well as understand why things happen in the business world,” said Schoenbeck. “It is amazing to read this information, and realize that probably 85 percent of the public didn’t know they could do these things. Everyone files their taxes, but who really understands it?”

Plans for the Future

Schoenbeck will graduate with her five-year degree in the spring of 2019, and hopes to become a certified professional accountant (CPA).

“My plans for the future, first and foremost, are to study for my CPA exams,” said Schoenbeck. “I will have to pass four different exams, all focusing on different areas of accounting.”

Schoenbeck was also a supplemental instructor (SI) at NSU for a short time, an opportunity that gave her a love for educating others.

After working as a CPA for the near future, Schoenbeck hopes to continue her degree in order to teach in her field.

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