Library Spaces

Quiet Study

The second floor has been designated for quiet study. Try out the carrels (shown at right) upstairs on the west end by the windows.


NSU Reading Clinic

Hours: 3-5 p.m. Monday-Thursday during the school year

Staffed by NSU education students, supervised by Dr. Timothy Houge, and hosted in the library on the second floor, the Reading Clinic provides literacy assistance for 1st through 12th graders. Any time they're not in use for Reading Clinic activities, the carrels are open for use by library patrons.


Group Spaces

Groups have priority in the small studies (seating 4-8) on the first and second floors. No reservations are needed: first come, first served (but please, don't leave your belongings unattended). The Collaboration Rooms (one on the first floor, two on the second) have 37-inch flat screens mounted on the walls - round up a study partner or two, check out a connecting cable for your laptop at the circulation desk and work away!


Computer Reference Area
Computers are available for student use on the first floor in the Reference area. Computers are available on the east side of the first floor for more quiet study.

Room 213

Room 213 is a small classroom or large group workspace. The space has screens that laptops can be plugged into for group collaboration or that can be controlled from a centralized teaching station. There are whiteboards throughout the space to promote group work and student engagement. To reserve the room email Nancy Miller.

Exhibit Space

The library hosts a variety of art exhibits throughout the year. For more information regarding artwork in the library, or to request space to exhibit your artwork, please submit an exhibit request.

Music Listening Room

Located on the second floor, this space provides three listening stations for accessing music CDs and LPs from the library/NSU Music Department's extensive collection. A computer workstation provides access to the library's music databases, as well as finding aids for the library's sheet music vertical file and Berggren Collection CDs and LPs.



DDN Rooms

Located on the first floor (straight in, down the hall and to the left) is a room that is used for DDN classes, online meeting spaces, and for classroom space. Room 117 may be reserved through the library for use as a group study space, speech practice area, or campus meeting space. Contact NET Services to reserve Room 117 for DDN. Contact Nancy Miller to reserve the room for a class.
Room 209 is also available for DDN classes. Contact NET Services to reserve Room 209 for DDN.

Classroom 154a

Located on the first floor behind the study rooms is Classroom 154a, which seats about 30. This space is open to any instructor seeking a space in which to teach. Please contact Nancy Miller to reserve the room.

Chinese Cultural Center

This space is designed to share Chinese culture and history. In this space are artifacts of historical Chinese dress, an interactive touch-screen TV featuring Chinese cultural information, and Chinese language and culture books. The space is very comfortable and a great place to study.