Submitted by Justin Fraase on Wed, 10/19/2022 - 17:17

As outlined by President Schnoor at the Sept. 21, 2022 campus enrollment forums. Below are 20 items the Enrollment Management Council and campus will work to implement for fall 2023:

  1. Focus VP Fraase’s time to oversee comprehensive SEM Plan with EMC, ELT, and ExLT

  2. Pursue growth across all pathways:  special focus on (1) degree seeking & (2) UG DS/Residential

  3. Deploying data-informed, enhanced, targeted branding and marketing

  4. Website reconfigured to student recruiting/admissions focus by October 7th-15th (more EAB later)

  5. Redeployed admissions counselors/assigned regions – tracking metrics (App/Visit/Reg)

  6. Increasing emphasis in SF, ND, MN, etc. (greater population but lower yield)

  7. Implementing new WolfPACT scholarship model – including test optional – award on admittance

  8. Financial Aid:  Send award estimates mid-January

  9. Energize international recruitment:  dovetail planning/execution with VP Fraase

  10. Aggressive transfer recruitment:  assign focused personnel & award scholarships

  11. Revamp campus visits & HOWL based on EAB independent review

  12. Continue introducing new degree programs to meet regional/state demands

  13. Continually updating content of degrees/credentials

  14. Complete Academic program review (SEM)—demand/workforce needs/enrollment

  15. Start the Northern Academy (SDEAF-funded)

  16. NSUF:  increase stackable scholarships & fundraise for 32 Presidents Scholarships

  17. Academic Affairs determining implementation of a centralized advising model

  18. Adding new MS/HS summer camps & Our Dakota Dreams—all invaluable recruiting opp.

  19. Explore residence hall pricing competitiveness/incentives to increase occupancy

  20. Engage campus/unit leaders/directors in identifying efficiency/reduction recommendations