Campus Construction Update: April 29, 2021

Construction Update Graphic

NSU Facilities Manager Monte Mehlhoff has issued a regional sports complex construction update.​​


Barnett Center Addition​

  • Second-level Barnett Center spaces painting is complete and wood accent walls are nearing completion.
  • Specialty wood panel ceiling installation at second level is about 75 percent complete. 
  • Restrooms on second level are almost complete - waiting on countertops.
  • HVAC/plumbing/electrical equipment is being installed in mechanical rooms. 
  • Electrical and HVAC rough-in work is nearing completion on first floor.
  • Locker room painting is 75 percent complete.
  • ​Casework, sliding marker boards and glass visual display boards have been installed an locker island end caps.
  • ​​Casework is installed in the Nutrition Center and football laundry room.
  • Locker fabrication will begin in April and be installed June 12.
  • KONE is wrapping up the installation of the second elevator (service) car.  
  • Bridge connecting the Barnett Center Addition and the Football Stadium awaits traffic coating. Coating samples and colors are being reviewed. 


Dacotah Bank Stadium (football)

  • Spray foam insulation on the interior side of all exterior walls is completed.
  • Fifth level walls have all been primed and painted.
  • Acoustical ceiling tile grid system is installed on fifth floor.
  • Fifth level party decks – metal panels are all installed and completed, and lighting fixtures have been installed.
  • Fifth level restrooms have all wall and floor tile installed. 
  • Electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire sprinkler rough-ins are completed on fourth level.
  • Fourth level premium chair-back seats have been installed and is complete.
  • Fourth level suites and all common spaces are all sheet rocked/taped/mudded and painted. 
  • Fourth level suites tile (floor tile and wall tile) are all installed and completed at wet bar locations.
  • Fourth level bar/lounge has all glazing installed at exterior curtain walls and is water tight and temporarily heated for interior work.
  • Fourth level bar/lounge has the ACT Ceiling grid installed
  • Fourth level bar/lounge has the bar framed and constructed and wall tile is all installed and completed at the bar, and accent walls.
  • All interior casework for the fourth level suites are installed.
  • Fourth level restrooms wall and floor tile is installed and completed.
  • Fourth level premium suites have all floor and wall tile installed, floor carpet and base to remain. 
  • All solid surface countertops at the premium suites, bar/lounge, and restrooms have all been field measured and are being fabricated currently by Cambria.   
  • Third level loge – all interior restrooms, concessions, and back of house areas are all framed in and M.E.P. rough-in work is completed.  
  • Third level loge – interior restrooms and concessions have all been sheetrocked, and mudded. Painting has begun.
  • Third level loge – framing for ceilings at loge concourse is complete. Metal panel ceilings will be installed upon arrival in April.
  • Third level loge – spray foam is completed above the ceiling framing at the loge concourse areas. Painting of spray foam remains.
  • Third level “Wolves Club” chair-back seat installation is 90 percent complete.


FB Field 

  • All drainage, subgrade construction and field curb has all been installed. Turf contractors have begun the installation of the rim board, final fine grading, and other preparations so installation of the football turf surface can start next week.
  • Exterior metal panel installation is complete; only metal panel ceiling clouds remain. East, north and south elevations are complete.
  • Sub framing is being installed at the south stair tower. Perforated metal panels will arrive and be installed over the next couple of weeks.
  • Scoreboard: Metal cladding will be wrapped around back side and columns April 14-22. Speaker cabinet is being installed. 
  • Construction on the ticket booth structural steel and roof decking is completed and interior wall framing has begun.   
  • Final aiming of light fixtures to be completed at a later date.
  • North stair tower doors have yet to be installed.


Softball Stadium

  • Steel structure for the softball press box and suite is erected, sheeted, and exterior metal panel installation has begun.
  • All windows and doors are being installed at the softball press box and suite.
  • EPDM roof at softball press/suite structure is installed, parapet cap and downspout is only item to remain for roofing.
  • All underground M.E.P rough-ins are installed at softball concessions/restroom and the concrete floor slab has been poured. 
  • Softball field subgrade drainage and field curb construction has begun. Subgrade is being excavated down to organic soils and engineered fill will be brought back onsite in lifts to construct the softball field subgrade. An identical process to that of the football field subgrade construction.  
  • CMU block at the softball restroom and concessions structure has started and should be completed within the next week.  Roof structure and EPDM roof immediately to follow to get it dried in and water tight.  


Regional Sports Complex

  • Site work, sidewalks, curb and gutter, parking lots, and all other concrete flatwork started on April 26 and will carry through the end of the project. Contractors will start at the northeast corner of the site by State Street and work their way down the 15th Avenue Plaza, turn south at the main entrance, and work their way south off the project site to 17th Avenue. This site work will take place over the course of the next four months.​