Brooke C. Nelson

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Brooke C. Nelson
Fine Arts Building 216, Huron Community Campus

Instructor of English, Reading, and Communication Studies

M.A. University of South Florida

B.A. Northern State University


Brooke C. Nelson began as an instructor of English, reading, and communication studies at Northern's Huron Community Campus in August 2020. The previous spring, she received an M.A. in applied linguistics - TESL from University of South Florida in Tampa. In 2017, she graduated with a B.A. in English and TESOL certificate from Northern.

Before pursuing her M.A., she taught at a private boarding school in south central China. As an instructor of EFL speaking classes, she worked with students in tenth grade and select sections of seventh and eighth grades. As one of the few foreign teachers in the area, she focused lessons on the development of communicative competence. She also volunteered with the primary school's English Club, hosting game nights with the primary school English instructor.

Research Interests

Her research interests lie in sociolinguistics - specifically, discourse analysis and pragmatics. She has conducted and presented work on creativity, multimodality, and impoliteness in the context of online sexual harassment. She is currently exploring the mitigation strategies used in online contexts.