Guangwei Ding

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Guangwei Ding
Mewaldt-Jensen 315

Associate Professor of Chemistry

College of Arts and Sciences
Science and Mathematics
College of Arts and Sciences
Chemistry Education

Ph.D, University of Massachusetts at AmherstMSc., Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London

DIC., Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London
MSc., Beijing Agricultural University-Beijing, China
BSc., Shanxi Agricultural University, P.R. China
Dr. Guangwei Ding joined NSU's chemistry department in 2005. He has served on the editorial boards for the Scientific World Journal and the Journal of Experimental Chemistry, and as a reviewer for Geoderma, Chemosphere, and Organic Geochemistry.
Courses Taught Chemistry Survey, General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry I, Physical Chemistry II, Inorganic Chemistry
Research interests/expertise

Identifying the structure of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) by using solid-state C-13 nuclear magnetic resonance and Infrared spectroscopic techniques

Studying the sorption/desorption behavior of hydrophobic organic compounds to natural organic matter
Understanding the hysteresis and the sorption mechanisms by observing the conformation changes of NOM, and characterization of mechanism is critical for fate and risk assessment as sorption can be rate-limiting to biodegradation, bioavailability, and subsurface transport of contaminants
Using radioactive material to identify the vertical distribution of soil erosion
Carbon sequestration associated with global change and policy.
Selected Publications
Fanqiao MENG, Rattan Lal, Xing Kuang, Guangwei Ding, Wenliang Wu. Soil organic carbon dynamics within different density and particle-size fractions in an Aquic Cambisol under diverse land use and farming systems in northern China. Geoderma Regional 1 (2014) 1€-9
Mei-chen FENG, Lu-jie XIAO, Mei-jun ZHANG, Wu-de YANG, Guang-wei DING, 2014.Integrating Remote Sensing and GIS for Prediction of Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Protein Contents in Linfen (Shanxi), China. PLoS ONE 9(1): e80989. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0080989
Yuefeng Shi, Wenliang Wu, Fanqiao Meng, Liang Zheng, DapengWang, Guangwei Ding, 2014. Nitrous oxide and methane emissions during the maize season under optimized intensive farming systems in the North China Plain. Pedosphere, Volume 24, Issue 4, August 2014, Pages 487€-497
Junxia Yan, Hongjian Li, Junjian Li, Yitong Xue & Guanwei Ding & H. B. Shao, 2013. Response of soil respiration to temperature and soil moisture in different vegetation types on a small scale in the eastern Loess Plateau of China. Plant Biosystems. DOI:10.1080/11263504.2013.859182
Zhanjin Xue, Zuodong Qin, Hongjian Lia, Guangwei Ding, Xianwen Meng, 2013. Evaluation of aeolian desertification from 1975 to 2010 and its causes in northwest Shanxi Province, China. Global and Planetary Change Volume 107, August 2013, Pages 102€-108.
Junjian Li, Yuanming Zheng, Junxia Yan, Hongjian Li, Xiang Wang, Jizheng He, Guangwei Ding, 2013. Effects of Different Regeneration Scenarios and Fertilizer Treatments on Soil Microbial Ecology in Reclaimed Opencast Mining Areas on the Loess Plateau, China. PLoS ONE 8(5): e63275. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0063275.