Kirika Shimmei

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Kirika Shimmei
Lincoln Hall 321

Japan Outreach Initiative Coordinator

Miss Kirika Shimmei was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Before coming to Aberdeen, she studied international relations in Japan and studied abroad in Virginia for two years. In 2019, NSU was chosen as the only university in the Midwest to be part of the Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI). Kirika has served NSU and the Aberdeen community as the JOI Coordinator since the initiative came to campus. For six years, Kirika studied the Japanese tea ceremony (Sadō) in Japan and loves to share her rich culture with others. She provides numerous Japanese culture workshops and lessons throughout the year that range from: tea ceremonies, origami, Japanese education, the Japanese alphabet, calligraphy, bookmark making and more. Kirika is very active on campus and within the community, providing workshops at high schools, grammar schools, Aberdeen library, the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club, senior centers and other establishments. She loves interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds and is enjoying her time in Aberdeen.