Nuurrianti Jalli

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Nuurrianti Jalli
Tech Center 262

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies


Dr.  Nuurrianti Jalli received her Ph.D. from Ohio University in 2017. Before joining Northern State University, Dr. Jalli was a professor in Malaysia, where she taught undergraduate and post-graduate courses at Universiti Teknologi MARA and Curtin University Malaysia. In Malaysia, Dr. Jalli also worked with government agencies, ministries, and corporate companies as an advisor, consultant, and communication strategist. In 2020, Dr. Jalli also served as a visiting professor at Universitas Paramadina in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In her class, Dr. Jalli is a believer in academic discourse, encouraging students to actively share their viewpoints and ideas on class topics and providing space for critical academic discussion. Her works can be found in Southeast Asian Studies, Journal of Malaysian Studies (Kajian Malaysia), and Malaysian Journal of Communication, among others. Dr. Jalli enjoys writing and is a frequent contributor to The Conversation, a non-profit, independent news organization founded in Australia.

Research Interests
Dr. Jalli's primary research interests include media and democracy, social media, information disorder, and information warfare in Southeast Asia.