NSU, USD Advance Language Proficiencies

PIERRE, S.D. – To meet workforce and market demands, Northern State University and the University of South Dakota have added short-term certificate training in Chinese and Spanish.

Northern State University will offer a 14 credit-hour undergraduate certificate in Chinese. Preparing students to market themselves to companies that want employees with Chinese language and cultural proficiencies, this new certificate will be delivered online and also on the NSU campus in Aberdeen.

According to NSU officials, this level of language proficiency is sought out by many businesses, as well as by major multi-national companies. Jobs exist in almost every market segment where Chinese language proficiency is preferred or is a strong plus for employment.

Chinese language offerings are a distinguishing feature of Northern State’s academic profile. The university also hosts the Confucius Institute, which advances Chinese language and cultural learning opportunities across the region.

At USD, a new graduate-level certificate in Spanish translation will be offered as a credential meeting the region’s need for professional translation services. The certificate requires 16 credit hours to complete, and four new courses at USD will be developed specific to the practice of translation. Students will explore the theory, ethics, and practice of Spanish-English translation.

Across the region and country there is growing demand for certified Spanish translators. Between 2000-2010, the Hispanic population in South Dakota grew by nearly 103 percent. Translators are prepared to help people with limited English proficiency understand medical, legal, and commercial language and to participate in legal proceedings.

Certificate programs usually require fewer credit hours to complete than a minor. They are developed by packaging a small set of courses that allows students to develop expertise within a focused area of study, addressing identified market and workforce development needs.