NSU Extended Cabinet Meeting Recap: November 2019

Representatives from across the Northern State University campus came together on Wednesday, Nov. 13, for an Extended Cabinet meeting.

NSU President Dr. Tim Downs said the meeting’s purpose was to continue dialogue and share information across the university. Representatives shared information on the following topics:                                                                       

Education Impact Campaign:  Downs said the Educational Impact Campaign is in the homestretch. The campaign seeks to build up campus infrastructure, creating a contiguous space that will enhance the student experience. NSU Foundation President and CEO Todd Jordre added that during campaign fundraising, $5 million has also been raised for student scholarships.

Strategic Planning: NSU Vice President of Technology/Chief Information Officer Dr. Debbi Bumpous and College of Arts and Sciences Dean Dr. Josh Hagen shared an update on Northern’s form of strategic planning. This action-oriented process will be based on behaviors and engagement, focusing on pillars of distinction. More information will be shared with campus in December.

Academic Affairs: NSU Provost Dr. Mike Wanous discussed the newly announced Student Success Center. Planning will begin in earnest in spring 2020, with the tentative move to the first floor of Mewaldt-Jensen/Tech Center taking placing in spring and summer 2021. This location will create a triangle of resources that also includes Williams Library and the Student Center.

Admissions and Enrollment Management: Campus visits are up 11 percent from this point last year, and up 150 visits compared to 2017, said Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Dr. Jeremy Reed. Reed also said that NSU Admissions has had a more productive travel season thanks to the new customer relations management system, Slate.

Building Projects: Vice President of Finance and Administration Veronica Paulson discussed recent improvements to the Barnett Center and said the new South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is coming along nicely. The new parking lot along Herret Street is open, and a campus power outage is planned for March 7-8, 2020, to install backup power.

Faculty Senate: Faculty Senate President and Professor of English Dr. Lysbeth Benkert-Rasmussen said Faculty Senate will support curriculum development. The senate will also support first-year seminar classes in order to support retention. A committee will be formed including faculty and at least one member of Student Affairs.

Student Government: Harrison Bruns of Student Government Association said eight new student clubs have been approved. SGA passed a resolution in support of Dakota’s Promise, is preparing for the legislative session and is considering a vote on a GAF increase.

The Extended Cabinet’s next meeting will take place during spring semester.