NSU Extended Cabinet Recap: Nov. 11, 2020

The Northern State University Extended Cabinet met via Zoom on Nov. 11, 2020.

Representatives from across campus shared information from their respective departments. The following topics were discussed:

Opening Comments: NSU President Dr. Tim Downs said during Dr. Keith Miller’s recent review, Miller noted that Northern is a great campus with great people and great community support. This shows how sustainable Northern is as an institution.

Faculty Senate Update: Current Faculty Senate President Dr. Cheryl Wold introduced President Elect Dr. Marla Fogderud, and said all faculty have been working hard to provide instruction to students in many different ways this semester, and everyone has been doing a great job.

Student Government Update: Emeline Glover said SGA is working on exciting upcoming projects, including a Student Center mural created by NSU art students; an expanded Lighting of the Green event; an outdoor welcome back event in January; a campus hygiene bank and food bank; and updating international flags in the Student Center, as well as Native American tribal flags.

Strategic Doing Update: Dr. Debbi Bumpous introduced new co-chair Mr. Sean Blackburn. Though the pandemic hit when the teams were just starting, Bumpous discussed a few accomplishments:

  • The Distinctive Leadership team held a campus town hall in the spring and created a directors action group.
  • The Distinctive Experience team implemented a fully online HOWL registration program and held a campus town hall following after the death of George Floyd. The Diversity Action Committee hosted an event for National Coming Out Day and held a panel on diversity and inclusion for First-Year Seminar courses.
  • The Strategic Communications team designed marketing materials and tote bags with the new mission, vision and values.

CARES Act Funds: Veronica Paulson said Northern has spent approximately $1.2 million of the funding, which is used to help fight the pandemic. That includes:

  • Of the student grant award total of $329,889, only $6,389 is left to award.
  • For the institutional portion, NSU has spent $76,708, which was used to refund spring parking permits and a portion of the spring meal plans, purchase to-go takeout containers for fall, and add extra counseling help.
  • State CRF: The student housing refund totaled $613,876; PPE/technology/etc. totaled $153,730; Digi-Center totaled $468,850; and a new air filtration system for Wolves Memorial and Great Plains West and East will total $243,422.

MeWaldt-Jensen Space Planning: With the Regional Science Education Center creating empty space in MJ, the plan is to create a new Student Success Center, said Dr. Mike Wanous. This center, which will include advising, tutoring, Career Services, Circle Program, Disability Services, SI, the testing center and TRIO/SSS, will be located on the first floor. The second floor will house the math program, and the third floor will house Tech Services and E-learning.

Enrollment Update: Last week was Free Application Week, with 475 applications coming in, said Justin Fraase. That is only slightly down from last year despite a more difficult process this year, which could be a sign of an increase in student interest this year. It was an overall successful week, and Northern remains on track for 1,200 applications for 2021. Campus visits remain popular, with November completely booked and December filling up as well.

Technology Updates: Jodi Casanova said Web Advisor is going away in March, so former students will need to use Banner Baseline to get transcripts. Duo has been deployed to faculty and staff; students will be required to use it starting Jan. 27. They will soon deploy phase 3 of Internet phone telephony, which includes Graham and Lincoln halls, JFAC and the library.

Closing Comments: Student Affairs and Facilities, as well as faculty members, were thanked for going above and beyond to help students this semester.