Continuing Education

Whether it's attending a workshop or enrolling in a course at an off-campus center, continue your education with NSU! Northern offers numerous workshops throughout the year, including the annual Back-to-School Workshop for educators.

Renewal Credit General Definitions

  • Transcript Credit – Registering and completing university-level courses
  • Continuing Education Units (CEU) - The IACET and U.S. Department of Education task force defined the CEU standard of measurement as: 1 CEU = 10 contact hours
  • Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) – Based on 60 minutes of instruction


Summer 2019

20th Annual Arts Education Institute

July 15-18, 2019



First Annual Band Director Institute

July 15-17, 2019



The Arts Education Institute (AEI) offers 24 hands-on visual arts, choral and music workshops. Changes this year include the introduction of the Band Director Institute, designed to expose music teachers to the best in current, standard literature and teaching methods.


AEI offers educators an affordable, high quality professional development experience that is relevant and directly applicable to the classroom, as well as inspirational and fun. A lot of information, ideas and interaction are packed into a few days, and the event allows a creative break for teachers.


Don’t miss these exciting professional development opportunities for Pre-K through 12th grade educators held on the Northern campus in Aberdeen. Graduate and undergraduate transcript credit is available by registering for the respective companion courses.


ART 4/592: Advanced Art Methods

Credits: 1 - 2

Workshop Date: July 15–16 and July 17-18, 2019

Course Dates: July 15–Aug. 1, 2019

Drop date with refund: July 15, 2019




MUS 792: Michael Sweeny: The Composer and His Music

Credits: 1

Workshop Date:  July 15–17, 2019

Course Dates: July 15–Aug. 1, 2019

Drop date with refund: July 15, 2019




MUS 792: Band Literature

Credits: 1

Workshop Date: July 15–17, 2019

Course Dates: July 15–Aug. 1, 2019

Drop date with refund: July 15, 2019



MUS 792: Instrumental Methods and Techniques

Credits: 1

Workshop Date: July 15–17, 2019

Course Dates: July 15–Aug. 1, 2019

Drop date with refund: July 15, 2019



MUS 592: Instrumental Techniques Bandmaster's Symposium

Credits: 1

Workshop Date: July 20, Chamberlain High School - Chamberlain, S.D.

Course Dates: July 20-Aug. 1

Drop date with refund: July 20




New Sounds of J.W. Pepper

Workshop Date: July 31-Aug. 2


New music reading sessions for school and church choral, concert band, jazz band, and elementary classroom music. Please join us to hear this year's best new music, handpicked by our experienced staff, and presented by professional clinicians who can relate to you and your needs.


In partnership with J.W. Pepper, Northern State University offers participants two options for renewal/professional development:


1. Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) – 10 Contact Hours are equivalent to one (1) Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

Register for Overland Park, Kansas CECH

Register for Billings, Mont., CECH

Register for Bismarck, N.D. CECH


2. Transcript Credit for JW Pepper Workshop companion course

MUS 592 Tp: Music Education Techniques (1-2 Graduate credit hour(s))

Companion Course: July 31 – Aug. 15




2019 Back to school workshop

Adventures in Teacher Leadership


Workshop Date: Aug. 13 

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Location: Johnson Fine Arts Center


Keynote Speaker

Rebecca MielwickiRebecca Mielwicki, 2012 national teacher of the year, is a 24-year veteran teacher in Burbank, Calif. Rebecca has traveled to 12 countries and 30 states sharing the profound message of all that is going right in American classrooms. She believes there is nothing more essential than our children having the best teachers possible, and works tirelessly to elevate and support the work teachers do every day. Rebecca's new book, Adventures in Teacher Leadership, is coming out this spring. She continues to travel and speak as the National Teacher of the Year, and is a proud wife and mom to two of the handsomest fellas you’ll ever meet. 


Watch Rebecca on the Ellen Degeneres show

Watch Rebecca give an EDTalk at the California Teachers Summit


Those unable to attend the presentation at Northern's campus may participate free of charge via Zoom; preregistration is required.

Register for Zoom


After registering for Zoom, participants will receive confirmation and the opportunity to add the information to their calendar.



Companion Course: EDFN 4/592: Adventures in Teacher Leadership

Lead Instructor: Dr. Andria Moon

Credit: 1 undergraduate or graduate

Course Dates: Aug. 26 - Dec. 18

Last day to register: Sept. 4

Drop with refund: Sept. 5

Register for Companion Course

Adventures In Teacher Leadership Book



Continuing Education Contact Hours

Credits: 3 CECH

Course Dates: Aug. 13

Location: Johnson Fine Arts Center or Zoom livestream

Time: 8:30-11:30 a.m. CST

Register for CECH