Accounting Analytics (Masters Online)

This degree, available online and on campus, offers cutting-edge competencies in the high-demand field of analytics - essential in the data-driven business world.

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About The Program
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Accounting Analytics (Masters Online)

Gain a competitive edge with Northern’s master of accounting analytics, which offers specialized study relating to audit and forensics - including fraud, valuation, risk analysis and performance measurements.

Available in fall 2020 both on campus and online, this degree will give you a competitive edge in an increasingly data-driven business climate.

From NSU to CPA

Attending Northern will lead you directly to your CPA exam! If you earn your undergraduate accounting degree at NSU and then continue on to complete this new master’s degree in accounting analytics, you'll be thoroughly prepared to sit for the exam.

One college, five years - that's all it takes to enter your dream career. Enroll today!


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