Hands-on activities and critical thinking are the goals behind the science instruction for Northern's biology degree.

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You'll work on-on-one with faculty who encourage independent thinking skills that will prepare you to become a leader in your biological field. Most upper-level courses have no more than 25 students. NSU's biology faculty members teach all their own labs - they'll get to know you individually.

NSU biology students work in state-of-the art science labs with the latest equipment, including a DNA analyzer, confocal microscope, and anaerobic chamber.

In NSU's biology program, you're enouraged to explore your interests, work with professors on research projects, and present your results in publications or in public, such as at NSU's Undergraduate Scholarship and Activity Forum.



Many biology majors work at for-profit businesses and corporations. Others teach in educational institutions; work for government, nonprofit foundations and research organizations; or operate their own business or consulting service.

Potential jobs include health technologists and technicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, therapists, physician assistants, farmers, foresters and sales (non-retail).

Many students pursue careers in allied health (e.g., medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, mortuary science, dentistry, and optometry) and organismal biology professions (e.g., zookeeper, naturalist, and biologist).

For more information on careers in your major or help choosing a major, contact the NSU Career Center.


We'll work closely with you and our connections to find internships and field experiences suitable to your interests.

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