Communication Studies

Effectively presenting yourself and your ideas is crucial, regardless of your profession. NSU communication studies graduates speak clearly and confidently because they're trained to think critically - an asset for any employer.

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Communication Studies

An NSU communication studies degree also prepares you for professional schools in law, journalism, public relations, and organizational communication; or graduate studies in speech communication, rhetoric, public relations, mass media, and others.

NSU communication studies students learn to understand and practice communication, developing insight into and abilities in effective expression and listening.   

In NSU's compact, agile communications program, we'll help you tailor experiences and projects to your special needs and interests.

Test your abilities and sharpen your competition skills in NSU's Speech and Debate team, which places competitively in state and regional meets and has had students qualify for national competition.

Public Relations Emphasis

Public relations specialists read, research, write and speak well - they're doers who have a creative flair. NSU's Communication Studies program offers a focus on public relations, opening opportunities for students interested in preparing and sharing information to keep people informed.




The communication studies degree program provides a basic foundation for many careers. Students learn the skills needed to obtain positions in business, industry, education and government service. Other potential career areas include sales and marketing; artists, broadcasters, editors, entertainers, public relations specialists, writers; and management and administrative-related occupations.

Public Relations

Public relations specialists work for private firms, educational institutions and government agencies, or are self-employed. They also have positions in sales and marketing or as artists, broadcasters, editors, entertainers, and writers, and work in management and administrative occupations.

For more information on careers in your major or help choosing a major, contact the NSU Career Center.


Communication Studies students must complete a 3-credit internship.

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