International Business

A degree in international business from NSU opens the doors to positions throughout business and industry - anywhere in the world! Our international business degree will give you a comprehensive experience of business from a global perspective.

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International Business

An NSU international business graduate is prepared to lead, problem-solve, plan, evaluate, advise, and organize in a global setting. In this program, you’ll take courses that will develop your understanding of diverse human values, motivations, and relations.

International business students gain unique experiences through NSU’s study abroad opportunities. Combined with our foreign language requirement and core coursework, you’ll acquire an appreciation for foreign cultures and learn how to interact and succeed in multinational business operations.

NSU also offers a popular four-week study-abroad opportunity to take intensive Spanish courses in Santiago, Chile.



An international business degree not only prepares you for an exciting global career; it also offers essential business background for students who’d like to continue their studies in foreign languages, global geography, government and more.

Common career opportunities for graduates include foreign sales representative, international management consultant, translator, import/export agent, international financial manager and management analyst.  

NSU School of Business students are counseled by advisers and instructors on potential career paths, as well as internship and post-graduation employment opportunities.

For more information on careers in your major or help choosing a major, contact the NSU Career Center.


NSU's International Business program supports career readiness through internships that give you a chance to apply your skills in the workplace. NSU students have interned in diverse areas of business, including administration, programming, banking, marketing and accounting. 

The NSU School of Business shares internship opportunities through postings and on-campus presentations and interviews.


NSU students pursuing an international business degree can apply for NSU School of Business scholarships and other scholarships.

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For more information about this degree, contact Jennifer Bengs or call 605-626-7725.

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