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What started out as an idea in an honors thesis class for NSU senior Maris Grewe became a reality when she became a recipient of the Undergraduate Competitive Research Grant in 2015.

Inspired by a hall council recycling project started in fall 2011, Grewe became interested in how she could make Northern and its students more environmentally conscious. Little did she know that less than two years later, she would’ve created a campus-wide recycling program, run alongside the Environmental Club, that continues to grow and gain attention.

Grewe leads the wolf pack in a greener direction

Dr. Jon Mitchell and his team of Northern State University students trapped mosquitoes around Brown County this summer – and that meant finding the spots these pests prefer.

“You’ve got to think like a mosquito,” said Mitchell, assistant professor of biology.

Mosquitoes prefer places protected from the wind, but still sunny, with tall grass and moisture. So those are some of the criteria the team sought when setting up their traps.

Northern State University team spent third summer trapping mosquitoes

ABERDEEN, S.D. – When Sienna Marcott’s fiancé proposed to her, it was in a field of sagebrush – a romantic gesture to Marcott, as the plant is an integral part of the research she’s conducting this year at Northern State University.

Marcott turned her love of plants into a research project that won the 2015 NSU Undergraduate Competitive Research Grant. She’ll be devoting much of this academic year to her research, and NSU’s new greenhouse is crucial to her work.

ABERDEEN, S.D. – Alison Byrd remembered visiting the Omaha zoo as a child and decided to take a chance – she contacted the zoo to ask if it had any summer internships.

“I knew it might be a long shot because of the amount of students from bigger schools that are in the area, but you never know unless you try,” said Byrd, who will be a senior this fall at Northern State University.

That leap of faith paid off. Byrd has been working at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha since May. Her internship lasts through July 28.

NSU student interning at Omaha zoo