As a graduate assistant (GA), you will receive the benefits of earning a master's degree while also gaining valuable professional experience and financial support.

Positions Available

Past Position Openings: 



Counselor Education: work closely with the chair and department to perform departmental research and assessments


Student Affairs

Multicultural Student Association: mentor students and help plan and implement various activities



Assistant Coaching: collaborate with coaching staff and assist with all aspects of a particular athletics program



NOTE: These are just three positions that have been filled in the past. Available positions change each year. For details and a complete list of assistantships regarding this upcoming semester, contact the Office of Graduate Studies by email at  


Graduate Assistant Testimonials

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“I hope to use the knowledge I gained in my future careers and spread that to different people I meet along the way!”

~CarLee Mechels, MSEd Sport Performance and Leadership

Female student leaning against a fence

“I got to meet a lot of awesome people in the field from the different experiences that Northern provided me.”

~Megan Kingsriter, MSEd Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Academic Requirements


Candidates applying for graduate assistantships must meet the academic requirements for admission to Northern State University Graduate Studies and the requirements of their specific degree program. Once admitted, all graduate assistants are required to maintain good academic standing with a 3.00 grade point average (GPA). If a graduate assistant’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.00 in any academic term (i.e., fall, spring, summer), the graduate student will be placed on academic probation the following term.


A graduate assistant placed on academic probation will lose their graduate assistantship for the probationary term. While on academic probation, the graduate student must successfully complete six credits or more and earn a term GPA of 3.00 or higher. When the graduate student on academic probation achieves a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher, the candidate returns to good academic standing and may apply for any open graduate assistantship positions.


A graduate student on academic probation who fails to maintain a term GPA of 3.00 will be placed on academic suspension for a minimum period of two academic terms. Following the two term suspension, graduate students may apply for reinstatement by seeking the approval of the Academic Dean of the School/College where their graduate program is housed. If approval is granted, the candidate must complete a re-entry application on Northern’s website. 


Graduate assistants must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) graduate credit hours each semester to be eligible for a graduate assistantship position. Graduate assistants may enroll in no more than 12 graduate credit hours each semester. According to federal financial aid guidelines, graduate students must be enrolled in at least nine (9) credits to be considered full-time graduate students. Graduate assistants who resign their assistantship positions or drop below six (6) graduate credit hours, but continue their courses, will be required to reimburse Northern State University the remaining tuition waived.



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