Student Affairs seeks engaged learners who create inclusive communities, participate in the life of the university, connect classroom content to real-life situations, and integrate learning into their understanding of the world around them.

 Engaged students perform better academically, persist to graduation, and are more likely to remain connected to the university after graduation. Northern alumni leverage the knowledge and skills gained in and out of the classroom to contribute to their communities, our state, and the nation.



Welcome from Dean of Students Sean Blackburn


Sean BlackburnWelcome to Northern State University! You will quickly discover that Northern is a special place where dedicated faculty and staff are committed to helping you on your higher education journey. 


You are part of the Wolf Pack

Membership in this academic community imparts both privileges and responsibilities. Student Affairs will help you understand these rights and responsibilities and serves as a resource to help you navigate the important things you need to know. You are joining a caring community where we look out for one another and make responsible choices. If you see a fellow Wolf in distress, offer a helping hand or a kind word, or share your concern with a faculty or staff member.


Be a part of Campus Life

Students who fully engage in campus life are more successful in the classroom, graduate sooner, and enjoy their college experience more. This website contains resources to help you find activities that will connect you to other students with whom you share common interests. These activities and experiences will introduce you to lifelong friends, new hobbies, academic interests, and leadership skills. The lessons you learn outside of the classroom may even help you land a job upon graduation!


Ask for Help

The pursuit of a college degree requires hard work, determination, creativity, and tenacity. Your admission to Northern means that we believe you are up to the task and that we are prepared to help. Successful students seek out resources and support whenever the need arises. We are here to help you along this journey. If you do not know where else to go, please come see us in Student Center 222 for assistance.


Be Curious

We encourage you to actively engage with professors and fellow students in this endeavor of learning. Do not be afraid to ask big questions, explore different classes and majors, and step out of your comfort zone occasionally. Get involved and participate in the many cultural, recreational and educational opportunities that make this campus community vibrant and exciting. Finally, be proud of the legacy and tradition of excellence that a Northern education provides.


Go Wolves!


Sean S. Blackburn

Dean of Students

Northern Services to Help Students Succeed

Student Affairs News

ABERDEEN, S.D. –  The Northern State University Department of Music has awarded scholarships from the Loren E.

ABERDEEN, S.D. – Float and band winners from Northern State University’s 2023 Gypsy Day Parade have been announced. There were 118 floats and 14 bands in the Oct.

Pictured: Ethan Kurtz, left, and Jacob Swanson, right

Student Organizations News

View of the Student Organizations Hub in the Avera Student Center with glass-fronted offices and fireplaceA grand opening event for the Northern State University Student Organizations Hub— a new space for student organizations to create, connect and collaborate—was held  February 2 in the Student Center.


The event, held in conjunction with Winter Rush, included a dedication of the new space by NSU President Dr. Neal Schnoor, Student Government Association President Jake Swanson and Student Organizations Recognition Committee Chair James Heisinger.