Tutoring Services offers personalized, one-on-one assistance to all Northern students.

Tutoring Services' trained, capable tutors are available to provide academic support in any subject.


  • Who can receive free tutoring? Any Northern student -- whether on campus, online, part-time, at Huron Community Campus, or high school dual credit.
  • Which courses does the Tutoring Center support? The Tutoring Center provides support for all 100- and 200-level courses and most upper-level courses.
  • Who are the tutors? Our tutors are successful Northern students who are driven to help others. Many plan to become teachers and have previous tutoring experience. Our tutors are recommended by faculty and have gone through an extensive training process. They are well-prepared to help you make the most of your current skills and develop new ones.


Tutoring and Study Spaces

The center offers a variety of open seating and tables for studying, as well as three rooms suitable for tutoring in person or online.


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Writing papers

  • Choosing a topic, generating ideas, forming a thesis
  • Clarifying the focus of the paper
  • Refining ideas and organization
  • Improving introductions and conclusions
  • Identifying grammar and punctuation errors
  • Finding effective sources and avoiding plagiarism
  • Using MLA and APA styles
  • Avoiding wordiness and redundancy
  • Supporting the main idea
  • Unifying paragraphs and using transitions effectively
  • Writing a letter or essay of application
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math & science

  • Understanding difficult math concepts
  • Understanding and solving story problems
  • Learning multiple ways to solve a problem
  • Studying and reviewing for tests
  • Developing test-taking strategies
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reading-intensive courses

  • Finding the main idea within a text
  • Locating supporting points within a text
  • Understanding vocabulary from context
  • Summarizing and responding to a text
  • Understanding challenging concepts within texts
  • Preparing for tests based on course readings



appointment hours


Math Tutoring

Walk-in Only

Technology Center 148

  • Noon-8 p.m. Monday through Thursday
  • 4-8 p.m. most Sundays

Tutoring is available for general education mathematics classes from MATH 021 Basic Algebra through MATH 125 Calculus II. Please bring your class materials with you. Math tutors are available during the academic year.

All Other Subjects

Make an Appointment

Technology Center 148

  • Appointments available 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday in person or online
  • Evening and weekend hours as requested