Get a head start on your college degree at Northern State University.

At Northern, we offer the most extensive high school programs in the state so that you can get an early start on your education.

We also make it easy - and affordable - to transition into becoming a full-time student at Northern. Now, if you earn NSU credit through our High School Dual Credit Program, Rising Scholars Program or E-Learning dual credit and then attend Northern, you can earn scholarship money!

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'An easy and natural transition' to full-time student at NSU

When I was finishing up high school, there were three major schools that I was looking at. Of these schools, I felt like Northern offered me the most of what I wanted.
I had already been attending classes at Northern through their dual credit program, so it was an easy and natural transition to becoming a full-time college student. By the time that I graduated high school, I already had a semester’s worth of college credit through Northern.
Getting that head start on my college education has given me the freedom to take my education at my own pace and acclimate to the pace of college life.
— Peyton Miller-Dalberg, Aberdeen

Northern Academy

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