Report an Incident

Students, as well as Northern faculty, staff, and guests, are encouraged to report any incident of concern to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR).  

This form may be used to report information necessary to initiate an investigation of alleged discrimination, harassment, sexual or gender-harassment, domestic or dating violence, stalking, academic misconduct, and a violation of the Residence Life Code of Conduct or the NSU Student Code of Conduct.

Incident Reporting Form

In an emergency or crisis situation that requires immediate intervention, call 911.


Report a Title IX Incident

Any person may report an incident of sexual misconduct such as interpersonal violence (including domestic and dating violence), stalking, sexual harassment, and sex discrimination to Title IX Coordinator Krista Bau at or 605-626-3007.

Also, any person may report incidents anonymously on this form:

 Report Possible Violation of Title IX

Why Report? 

  • The incident has negatively affected your academics or employment
  • You need someone to confide in or want to seek assistance and support, but you are not seeking action or do not want to name the respondent
  • You want the university to pursue disciplinary action against the respondent
  • You want a no contact directive to be put in place between you and the respondent
  • Reporting an incident informs the university of the incident, which allows the institution to provide support, resources, and accommodations to all parties impacted by the incident and does not necessarily result in the initiation of a grievance process


Northern CARES

Northern State University faculty and staff are invested in students’ learning and well-being. A caring and proactive approach assists students for their academic success and personal growth. If you suspect that a student is experiencing difficulties or is struggling with an issue and is beginning to display signs of distress, please complete the Northern CARES Referral form:

Northern CARES Referral

This information is reviewed by the Northern CARES team to identify, assess, and support students of concern. 


Report a Concern or Complaint

NSU wants to hear from you. We are committed to respecting members of our campus community and providing a quality educational experience for all students. To help resolve concerns, complaints, or questions regarding university policies, actions or free speech/intellectual diversity, please complete the Non-Academic Complaint Form:

Non-Academic Complaint Form

Non-academic complaints are generally the result of a concern that the student feels is unjust, unequitable, or creates an unnecessary hardship.

The Non-Academic Complaint Form is not intended to be used for reports of sexual misconduct, academic grievances, or academic integrity complaints.

We begin the process of complaint resolution within three business days of receipt of this form. We strive to resolve complaints within 30 days of submission, though some policies and procedures may require an extension of that time frame.


Online/Distance Education Student Complaints

Northern State University online/distance education students living outside South Dakota may follow the Complaint Process for Distance Education Students in SARA States. Visit Disclosure Statements for more information. 


Student Academic Appeal Policy

Students who wish to appeal a final grade or academic policy should refer to the Student Academic Appeal Policy in the NSU Student Handbook.


File a Formal Complaint with the University’s Accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission

To file a formal complaint with Northern State University’s accreditor, please visit Submit a Complaint to the Higher Learning Commission.


File a Formal Complaint with the South Dakota Division of Consumer Protection

Office of Attorney General

Division of Consumer Protection

Email: consumer-help

Web: To access the process through which to file a formal complaint, visit Division of Consumer Protection Complaint Form


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