The Student Success Center is a network of support for Northern students.

about us

Drawing from Northern’s values of community, discovery and integrity, the Student Success Center team works together to create a network of support to empower all Northern students to succeed.


our purpose

The purpose of the Student Success Center is to empower all Northern students to succeed. Our team of professionals in tutoring, advising, career services, American Indian Circle Program, TRIO Student Support Services, TRIO Upward Bound and supplemental instruction work together to support all Northern students. You can access our support whether you are on campus, online or part time.


our goal

We aim to create community by:

  • Welcoming each student
  • Taking time to converse and connect to discover students’ interests
  • Helping students discover and strengthen their gifts and talents
  • Empowering all students to own their education, seek and embrace opportunities, and identify and realize their own sense of success



The Student Success Center is on the first floor of the Technology Center and Mewaldt-Jensen.

Student Success Events

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