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Whether you’re moving directly from an undergraduate to a graduate program or you're a professional looking to advance your education, Northern is the place for you. With many of our master's degree programs offered online, you'll have the flexibility to earn your master's degree on your time. Click on the following link to find information on tuition and costs below. 

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Graduate Studies Tuition and Fees

Rates are based on a 30-credit master's program


Total program cost


On-campus Resident*

Total program cost


On-campus Graduate Assistant

Total program cost


* Resident tuition rates include South Dakota residents and Western Regional Graduate Program. South Dakota Advantage and Child of Alumni students who have earned an undergraduate degree from a South Dakota Board of Regents institution also qualify for resident tuition rates.



Financial Aid Cost of Attendance

Estimated annual expenses we recommend you budget for (not included in the figures above):

  • Housing - $5,750
  • Food - $4,550
  • Books/Supplies - $1,200
  • Transportation - $1,400
  • Personal - $1,600

NSU MME Program


Mallory Scott had to keep her busy schedule in mind when she was looking to take courses required to maintain her teaching certificate. Scott, music specialist at May Overby Elementary School, wanted a program that worked with her schedule and also applied to her career.

Enter Northern State University’s Master of Music Education program.

“The MME program was just starting, and in looking into the program, it looked accessible while I still taught full time,” said Scott, who also earned her undergraduate degree at NSU. “The online portions allowed me to work on my coursework when I could, and the on-campus portions were conveniently scheduled during the summer.”

Her experience is exactly what the program was created to achieve.

“What we wanted to do was to help teachers while they were teaching,” said NSU Associate Professor of Music Dr. Timothy Woods. “We wanted to improve their skills and continue their scholarship and become better at who and what they were.”

Learn more about the NSU MME Program.