The NSU TESOL certificate, offered online and on campus at the undergraduate and graduate level, prepares students to teach English to speakers of other languages.
    About The Program

    Format: Online or On Campus


    The Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) prepares students at the graduate level to teach English as a foreign/second language in a variety of settings, either in the United States or abroad, including offering English instruction to immigrants, foreign nationals, refugees, school children, adult learners and beneficiaries of mission work.


    This degree program, offered on campus or online, is appropriate for any holder of a bachelor’s degree who seeks to earn a credential that allows them to teach English to speakers of other languages in a variety of settings – from local and regional adult literacy centers to public schools in foreign countries – where there is a significant demand for native-speaking English teachers.

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    For more information about this degree, offered online and on campus, contact Jessica Ness at, 605-626-2272 or 605-626-7900. Or, contact NSU Admissions at 605-626-2544 or

    B.A., Benedictine University

    M.A., University of Northern Colorado

    Ph.D, University of South Carolina




    Dr. Ben Harley joined the Northern faculty as an assistant professor of English in 2018. His work focuses on rhetoric and composition - ways in which humans create and circulate texts in order to persuade and be persuaded. Many of his courses focus not only on creating persuasive texts but also on critically and ethically engaging with traditional and new media. His research largely focuses on public rhetorics, both digital and traditional, with his most recent work focusing on how the material nature of sound intimately affects bodies and can be used to create diverse communities. He has published in an array of scholarly journals, including

    B.A., Auburn University
    M.A., Ph.D, University of Pennsylvania


    Ginny Lewis website

    Library Cat Translating website


    Dr. Ginny Lewis joined NSU's faculty in 2005.
    Dr. Lewis specializes in 19th-century European Realism and has written extensively on land relations as portrayed in narratives from across the globe. She is especially interested in rural narratives from Central Europe, including Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Romania.
    Dr. Lewis has devoted much time and energy to developing Northern's…
    M.A., Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia
    Dr. Peter Ramey came to NSU in August 2012 and is NSU's English Club advisor.
    Courses Taught
    ENGL 221 Survey of British Literature I
    LING 443 Development of English
    ENGL 201 Composition II
    LATI 101 Elementary Latin
    IDL 190 Seminar
    Research Interests
    Old English language and literature


    “Crafting Strangeness: Wonder Terminology in the Exeter Book Riddles and the Anglo-Latin Enigmata.” Review of English Studies 69.289 (2017): 201-15.

    “The Riddle of Beauty: The Aesthetics of Wrætlic in Old English Verse.” Modern Philology 114.3 (2017): 457-81.


    M.A., Spanish, Arizona State University

    M.A., Communication, University of North Dakota

    B.A., Spanish and English Philology, Kiev National Linguistic University, Ukraine




    In her Spanish, linguistics, and communication classes, Tetiana (Tanya) White gives students opportunities to develop new and various lenses through which to see themselves and other cultures. She enjoys watching students gain the confidence to speak publicly and carry that skill into their future careers.


    Ms. White’s research interests lie at the intersection of linguistics and communication. Her latest master’s thesis studied critical cultural awareness of students, the structure of their mental lexicon, and their cultural values and beliefs. Her scholarly…