The NSU master's in sports performance and leadership is a unique degree that prepares you for coaching and coaching-related occupations.

This graduate program combines exercise science and sport management coursework to provide comprehensive knowledge and experiences for graduates to be successful.

Our faculty are dedicated to helping students succeed in and out of the classroom. Students in this program are also often concurrently graduate assistants in NSU’s athletics programs. The unique experiences help many go on to work as high school or collegiate coaches.

Students must pass written and oral examinations before graduating.



Our program provides the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to successfully:

  • Work with intercollegiate or professional sports teams in coaching or sports management roles
  • Lead athletic programs in educational or private settings
  • Preparing you to further your education within the areas of exercise science or allied health professions


A capstone experience consisting of an internship or research project is required for program completion. Our faculty work with you to identify internship or research opportunities that match your career and professional interests.