Designed for classroom teachers wishing to enhance their pedagogical skills and assume school leadership roles, the NSU master's in teaching and learning is offered entirely online.

Format: Online or On Campus


Our online master's in teaching and learning program addresses teachers’ roles as mentors, curriculum specialists, instructional coaches and catalysts for change.

Courses focus on:

  • Learner development
  • Research-based curriculum and instruction
  • Strategies for meeting the needs of diverse learners, and
  • Teaching and learning with digital technology

Students must pass written and oral examinations before graduating. 


Teaching and Learning Expertise in a Discipline Candidate Handbook

Teaching and Learning Candidate Handbook


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Graduate students will recognize the individual differences that distinguish their students from each other and account for these differences in their practice.
  • Graduate students will use diverse instructional strategies to teach for understanding.
  • Graduate students will know how to engage students to ensure a disciplined learning environment, and how to organize instruction to meet instructional goals.
  • Graduate students will use multiple methods for measuring student growth and understanding, and they can clearly explain student performance to parents.
  • Graduate students will critically examine their practice on a regular basis to deepen knowledge, expand their repertoire of skills, and incorporate new findings into their practice.
  • Graduate students will work with other professionals on instructional policy, curriculum development and staff development.
  • Graduate students will actively seek and build partnerships with community groups, families, and businesses to engage them productively in the work of the school.



Successful graduates will be poised to serve as K-12 school leaders in roles such as master teachers, department chairs and curriculum directors.