Sean Blackburn

The Student Affairs Strategic Plan (2021-2025) was crafted in the fall of 2020 by the Student Affairs team to clearly articulate our values, prioritize our work, and bring our team together in a healthy work environment. We aspire to advocate for student development, wellness, and engagement – the prerequisites for student success. These objectives and key results will help us make resource decisions and provide team members with clear expectations.

This plan was created to advance our vision of an active and engaged campus community. With our value proposition clearly stated, we confidently move forward to make greater contributions to Northern's Strategic Priorities and Actions. This plan was developed despite a global pandemic and with the knowledge that hard times require bold leadership and a recommitment to what matters: our students. Good strategic plans generate energy, inspire buy-in, and help spur the hard conversations necessary for growth and improvement. We believe we have achieved that goal and appreciate you joining us on this journey.

With the arrival of President Schnoor in July of 2021, this plan was further revised and updated to meet the needs of the new University Strategic Priorities and Actions, the addition of Student Accessibility Services to Student Affairs, and the adoption of Opportunity for All by the South Dakota Board of Regents.

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Sean Blackburn
Dean of Students