Distinctive Dialogues

Distinctive Dialogues is a half-day conference that provides NSU faculty the opportunity to share their pedagogical research and classroom experiences with one another in an open and supportive setting.  The format generally includes a keynote speaker and a variety of roundtable sessions. 


Benefits of attending Distinctive Dialogues include learning about innovative teaching strategies across the university, meeting future teaching and research partners, and implementing new ideas into your own teaching and research. 

  • Active Learning, with guest speaker Stephen Kosslyn and Hyflex Cohort Panel


Grants and other Funding

Each year CETL's Advisory Committee offers Northern faculty two funding opportunities: 

  • CETL Pedagogy Grants (up to $1,000 each) - These grants are awarded to faculty and staff working on projects that focus on active learning, high-impact teaching practices, and community-oriented pedagogies. 
  • OLC Online Teaching Certificate Programs ($3,000 each) - These grants are awarded to faculty who wish to participate in one of two OLC Online Teaching Certificate programs in which faculty create or revise a Northern online course. Faculty can take either the 10-week foundational course or the 12-week advanced online teaching course.


Professional Learning Communities

CETL-led learning communities provide faculty the opportunity for personal and professional growth in a supportive and collaborative environment.


Ongoing communities include:


Reading Groups

CETL supplies books and other reading materials for campus-wide reading groups.  

  • Summer 2022 – 33 Simple Strategies for Faculty: A Week-by-Week Resource for Teaching First-Year and First-Generation Students by Lisa M. Nunn
  • Summer 2021 – Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning by Pooja Agarwal and Patrice Bain 
  • Summer 2020 – Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto by Kevin Gannon

We will also provide guidance and support to anyone wishing to conduct a discipline-specific reading group within their department.


Talks and Panels

Visit CETL Talks and Panels.


feel-good Thursdays

In coordination with NSU's counseling faculty, CETL hosts online discussions around the topic of stress management and self-care. Past topics include: 

  • Identifying and Managing Grief in our Students 
  • Managing Anxiety and Depression 
  • Mental Health for Students, Staff, and Faculty 
  • Vicarious Resiliency 
  • Recognizing and Avoiding Burnout 
  • Mindfulness
  • Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
  • Impostor Syndrome



CETL SnackChats are casual discussions about pedagogical topics of interest to faculty. Originally created and hosted by Dr. Erin Brownlee, these forums are now guest hosted by faculty members from across campus.

  • A Conversation about Student Study Habits, hosted by Susan Citrak
  • Building Resiliency, hosted by Michael Skyles
  • How Not to be Boring with Power Point: Fostering Curiosity in our Students, hosted by Erin Fouberg and Dave Grettler
  • Undergraduate Research, hosted by Dr. Jon Mitchell  
  • Creating Balance through Intra-organizational Relationships, hosted by Dr. Sal Villegas  
  • Fail Faster, hosted by Mr. Noah Files  
  • First Day Business 
  • Adjusting to the New Abnormal 
  • All Things Assessment 
  • Rigor and Compassion 
  • Active Learning in Online Spaces 
  • Team Teaching 
  • Favorite Assignment or Project
  • Academic (Dis)honesty - and the Use of Online Proctoring Software, hosted by Dr. Amy Dolan