Gaining knowledge of Geographic Information Systems
    About The Program

    Northern's GIS Certificate will provide you with skills for careers related to Geographic Information Systems.

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    For more information, contact Jessica Ness, or call 605-626-2272 or 605-626-7900. Or, contact NSU Admissions at 605-626-2544 or

    B.A. Pennsylvania State University
    M.A. University of Delaware
    Ph.D. University of Delaware
    Courses Taught
    HIST 151  US History I
    GEOG 210  World Regional Geography
    HIST 240  Introduction to Public History
    HIST 481  Material Culture Studies
    HIST 483  Museums and Archives
    HIST 480  Historical Methods and Historiography

    Dr. David Grettler specializes in early American and environmental history. He is also a historical archaeologist interested in public history and teaches courses in museums, archives, and material culture studies. Dr.…

    Ph.D. Montana State University
    M.S. Montana State University
    B.S. State University of New York
    Dr. John Long joined the science and mathematics department at Northern in May 2015. He received a Ph.D. in ecology and environmental sciences from Montana State University in 2014; an M.S. in ecological and environmental statistics from Montana State University in 2011; and a B.S. in applied mathematics from State University of New York in 2008.

    Courses Taught

    Biological Statistics I

    Biological Statistics II

    Introduction to Physics I

    Introduction to Physics II

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) I

    Geographic Infromation Systems (GIS) II

    Remote Sensing



    Research Interests

    Dr. Long's…