Teaching history is an ideal profession for people with intellectual curiosity and creativity who’d like to investigate our past and explore events that shape our world.

As an NSU history education major, you’ll learn to read critically, write effectively, reach your full potential as a citizen - and teach history.


NSU history students use the historical method to investigate important questions about society; perform research and clearly present findings; and identify and explain important events and issues in American and world history. 


Dedicated NSU professors will show you how to make connections across time and space and sharpen your writing and thinking skills.


Students with a degree in history graduate from Northern with outstanding communication and research skills. They're prepared to think independently and critically about the world, and teach others to do so.


In addition to history program course requirements, NSU history education majors must complete professional coursework in secondary education.



History education majors with a bachelor's degree often work in the education and government sectors. Many are self-employed. Others work in private, for-profit firms in sales and marketing jobs.


Potential jobs include educator, tour guide, museums/historical sites, park ranger, historic preservationist, archaeologist, think tank, cultural resources, writer, editor, multimedia producer, publisher, archivist, records manager, librarian, information manager, lawyer, paralegal, litigation support, foundations, contract historian, insurance, and intelligence/diplomacy.


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