A new program preparing you for a career in engineering

Our new collaborative program will guide you to a career in engineering! Northern’s Guaranteed Admission Agreement with South Dakota State University allows you to complete your first two years at NSU and then transfer to SDSU to complete your bachelor’s degree in engineering, choosing from three options:

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You may be interested in pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering if you:

  • Have a driving curiosity about the inner working of mechanisms.
  • Are ready to perform at a high level in science and mathematics.
  • Like to tinker with and build things.
  • Are a creative problem-solver.
  • Work well in a team-setting.
  • Are an excellent communicator with good presentation skills.
  • Want to build technical expertise with broad career opportunities.


You may be interested in pursuing a major in Civil Engineering if you:

  • Have strong skills in science and math.
  • Are a creative problem-solver with good communication skills.
  • Are keen on designing and building infrastructure systems.
  • Are comfortable working with technology.
  • Have good critical-thinking skills.
  • Are interested in enhancing project-management and leadership skills.


You may be interested in pursuing a major in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering if:

  • Are interested in designing agricultural equipment, facilities and infrastructure.
  • Are interested in using engineering methods to improve agricultural productivity.
  • Enjoy hands-on learning and working outdoors.
  • Are interested in converting agricultural commodities into products such as plastics, fuels and specialty feeds.
  • Have a healthy aptitude for science and mathematics.
  • Want to enhance technology applications to the agricultural sector.


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Students in this program must maintain grades of at least "C" in all NSU engineering prerequisite courses. Below are sample course study plans for each program option while at NSU:


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