A new program preparing you for a career in engineering

    About The Program

    Our new collaborative program will guide you to a career in engineering! Northern’s Guaranteed Admission Agreement with South Dakota State University allows you to complete your first two years at NSU and then transfer to SDSU to complete your bachelor’s degree in engineering, choosing from three options:

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    Wondering if this program is for you?

    You may be interested in pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering if you:

    • Have a driving curiosity about the inner working of mechanisms.
    • Are ready to perform at a high level in science and mathematics.
    • Like to tinker with and build things.
    • Are a creative problem-solver.
    • Work well in a team-setting.
    • Are an excellent communicator with good presentation skills.
    • Want to build technical expertise with broad career opportunities.


    You may be interested in pursuing a major in Civil Engineering if you:

    • Have strong skills in science and math.
    • Are a creative problem-solver with good communication skills.
    • Are keen on designing and building infrastructure systems.
    • Are comfortable working with technology.
    • Have good critical-thinking skills.
    • Are interested in enhancing project-management and leadership skills.


    You may be interested in pursuing a major in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering if:

    • Are interested in designing agricultural equipment, facilities and infrastructure.
    • Are interested in using engineering methods to improve agricultural productivity.
    • Enjoy hands-on learning and working outdoors.
    • Are interested in converting agricultural commodities into products such as plastics, fuels and specialty feeds.
    • Have a healthy aptitude for science and mathematics.
    • Want to enhance technology applications to the agricultural sector.

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    Sample Plans of Study

    Students in this program must maintain grades of at least "C" in all NSU engineering prerequisite courses. Below are sample course study plans for each program option while at NSU:

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    Student Research

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    Guangwei Ding
    Postdoc. South Dakota State University
    Ph.D University of Massachusetts at Amherst
    MSc. University of London
    DIC. University of London
    MSc. Beijing Agricultural University
    BSc. Shanxi Agricultural University
    Dr. Guangwei Ding joined Northern's chemistry department in 2005. He has served on the editorial boards for the Scientific World Journal and the Journal of Experimental Chemistry, and as a reviewer for Geoderma, Chemosphere, and Organic Geochemistry.
    Courses Taught
    Chemistry Survey
    General Chemistry I
    General Chemistry II
    Analytical Chemistry
    Physical Chemistry I
    Physical Chemistry II
    Inorganic Chemistry…
    Amy Dolan
    Ph.D. Portland State University
    B.A. University of Oregon
    Dr. Amy Dolan joined Northern's faculty in 2018. She grew up on a homestead in Nikiski, Alaska. Dr. Dolan attended the University of Oregon and graduated with a bachelor's degree in biology and Spanish. She went on to earn a Ph.D. in biology at Portland State University, studying genetics, reproductive biology, mate choice, and reproductive success of eastern kingbirds. Dr. Dolan lives on a farm with her husband Ryan, and their three children: Oliver, Ruthie, and Zet.
    Courses Taught
    Biology Survey
    General Biology
    Environmental Biology
    Human Biology
    Gross Anatomy
    Christopher M, Chutter, Lucas J. Redmond, Nathan W. Cooper, Amy C…
    Alyssa Kiesow
    Ph.D. University of South Dakota
    M.S. South Dakota State University
    B.S. South Dakota State University
    A.A. Winona State University
    Dr. Alyssa Kiesow joined Northern’s faculty in August 2007. Born in Little Falls, Minn., and raised in St. Cloud, Minn., she is Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, assists with sponsored grants and research, and serves on the South Dakota Academy of Science Executive Committee. She received multiple degrees from state institutions. Dr. Kiesow earned her Ph.D. in biological sciences with a research focus in genetics from the University of South Dakota.
    Research Interests
    Dr. Kiesow's primary research interests range from genetic structure of animal populations to epigenetics of developing embryos. Recent research focuses on the effects of various toxins on embryonic development in sea stars, sea urchins, and Xenopus laevis.…
    John Long

    Ph.D. Montana State University

    M.S. Montana State University

    B.S. State University of New York


    Dr. John Long joined the NSU faculty in the summer of 2015. He has a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from the State University of New York, a master’s degree in environmental and ecological statistics and a Ph.D. in ecology and environmental sciences, both from Montana State University. His area of expertise is the mathematical and physical aspects of the environment.


    Dr. Long is a part of the SEA-PHAGES team trained by Howard Hughes Medical Institute to discover new viruses in environmental samples and to sequence their genome. Dr. Long is a retired U.S. Air Force major with 21 years of service as a B-52 electronic warfare officer. 


    Courses Taught

    Introduction to Physics I and II

    University Physics I and II

    Biological Statistics I and II

    R Programming

    Geographic Information…

    George Nora

    Dr. George Nora began at Northern State University in 2010 and has been promoted to associate professor of chemistry.

    Courses Taught
    Organic Chemistry
    Eric Pulis
    Ph.D. University of Southern Mississippi
    M.S. University of North Dakota
    B.S. University of North Dakota
    Dr. Eric Pulis joined Northern's faculty in 2018. Originally from central Minnesota, he attended the University of North Dakota, where he received his B.S. in fisheries and wildlife biology and his M.S. in biology. Dr. Pulis earned his Ph.D. at the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in Coastal Sciences, where his research focused on the taxonomy and systematics of some parasitic flat worms found in fishes. He is currently the advisor for the NSU Environmental Club.
    Research Interests
    Dr. Pulis's primary research interests are in the ecology, evolution, and diversity of parasites of wildlife and fishes.…
    Jodie Ramsay

    Ph.D. University of South Dakota

    M.S. North Dakota State University

    B.S. North Dakota State University

    Dr. Jodie Ramsay started at NSU in 2001. Her area of expertise is plant science. She grew up in Minnesota and spends much of the summer there, where she co-owns a greenhouse. Dr. Ramsay is the director of NSU Regional Science Fair and serves as the faculty mentor for Rising Scholar (dual credit) biology courses taught across eastern South Dakota.
    Courses Taught
    Environmental Biology
    Environmental Science and Conservation
    Freshman Seminar
    General Biology I
    General Biology II
    Plants and Civilization
    Plant Structure and Function
    Plant Systematics
    Senior Seminar
    Soils and the Environment
    Ricardo Rojas
    Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    B.S. Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Dr. Ricardo E. Rojas is currently an associate professor of mathematics at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota. He has been serving NSU and the state of South Dakota since 2008. 
    Courses Taught
    MATH 095  Pre-College Algebra
    MATH 101  Intermediate Algebra
    MATH 114  College Algebra
    MATH 361  Modern Geometry
    Research Interests
    Euclidean geometry
    Incidence geometry
    (Finite) affine planes
    (Finite) projective planes
    Stacy Trentham
    Ph.D. North Dakota State University
    B.A. University of Minnesota Morris
    Dr. Stacy Tretham is from west central Minnesota. She begin working at NSU in the fall of 2016.
    Courses Taught
    Math 101  Intermediate Algebra
    Math 102/114  College Algebra
    Math 102/114  Online College Algebra
    Math 103  Quantitative Literacy
    Math 120  Trigonometry
    Math 123  Calculus 1
    Math 125  Calculus 2
    Math 216  Discrete Structures
    Math 316  Discrete Mathematics
    Math 351  Foundations of Mathematics
    Math 381  Probability and Statistics
    Math 412  Linear Algebra
    Math 413  Abstract Algebra
    Research Interests
    Commutative Algebra
    Personal Interests
    Reading, experimenting…
    Travis Trentham
    Ph.D. North Dakota State University
    B.A. University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Dr. William Travis Trentham grew up in the foothills of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in eastern Tennessee. Dr. Trentham received his Ph.D. in mathematics from North Dakota State University. He began working at Northern in the fall of 2016.
    Courses Taught
    Math 101 Intermediate Algebra
    Math 114 College Algebra
    Math 120 Trigonometry
    Math 123 Calculus 1
    Math 125 Calculus 2
    Math 216 Discrete Structures
    Math 321 Differential Equations
    Math 216 Discrete Structures
    Math 351 Foundations of Mathematics
    Math 412 Linear Algebra
    Math 413 Abstract Algebra 1
    Research Interests
    Commutative algebra
    Personal Interests
    Playing poker, following…