As an NSU psychology major, you'll enhance your knowledge of human behavior and mental health.

If you’re driven to learn more about the human mind, a psychology major at NSU is for you. Our psychology department offers a wide range of courses to ensure you’re well-prepared to apply your studies in the real world. Our professors apply a diverse approach, ranging from the academic rigor of the scientific method to the development of theoretical perspectives and sound scientific philosophies.
Also, as an NSU psychology major, you are now eligible for priority admission into Northern's counseling master’s program!


This program might be a good fit for you if you:

  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Are skilled at observing, analyzing and interpreting information
  • Demonstrate concern for and sensitivity to others
  • Are able to resolve or mediate conflicts
  • Have strong criticial and inferential thinking skills
  • Are good at problem-solving and decision-making
  • Engage in ethical practice
  • Are a good listener
  • Are good at problem-solving and decision-making


With a degree in psychology, you will be well prepared to serve in a variety of professions, including:
  • Community and social service worker
  • Advertising assistant
  • Caseworker
  • Community relations representative
  • Crisis intervention counselor
  • Human resources
  • Personnel management/supervisor
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Educator
  • Mental health coordinator
  • Television/media research


At Northern, we believe getting you out of the classroom and into a real-world workplace setting is a critical part of your education. NSU psychology students have interned with several regional social service providers, including New Beginnings CenterSafe Harbor, Lutheran Social Services and Aspire. Learn more about opportunities for internships and other forms of experiential learning at School of Education!


The NSU WolfPACT is the highest guaranteed, four-year scholarship in the region. But that isn't the only scholarship available at Northern. Visit School of Education Scholarships for more scholarship opportunities! For details, please call the School of Education at 605-626-2415.