The ability to write and speak Spanish has never been more relevant. With a Spanish education degree from NSU, you'll learn to share your knowledge with students as a Spanish teacher.

The Spanish B.S.Ed. degree prepares you to become a Spanish teacher to students in grades K-12. As part of this degree program, you'll complete professional education courses for K-12 certification.


NSU Spanish courses concentrate on real-world application, preparing you to share your knowledge, practice and experience in your own classroom as a Spanish teacher or in other careers. 


NSU instructors with field experience in Spanish-speaking countries provide an engaging, stimulating learning experience.


NSU also offers a popular four-week study-abroad opportunity to take intensive Spanish courses in Santiago, Chile.



Familiarity and experience with Spanish language and culture can advance the career aspirations of anyone seeking to succeed as a professional in the global economy.


Foreign-language graduate employment is concentrated in education and private, for-profit businesses and corporations.


Potential career areas include elementary, middle, and high school teacher; adult educator; interpreter; news analyst, reporter, and correspondent; writer, editor and translator; advertising, marketing, and public relations specialist; and foreign service officer.


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