Great Plains West, located on the western edge of our residential quad, provides suite and semi-suite-style housing for NSU students.

Great Plains West

Residence hall specifics:

  • This three-story co-ed hall offers accommodations for approximately 148 students
  • Each bedroom includes a wardrobe with drawer space, desk, and chair for each roommate, as well as bunkable beds
  • Suites are furnished with seating in the living areas
  • Each semi-suite bedroom has direct access to the hallway with a bathroom pass-through between rooms
  • Laundry rooms, kitchen space, lounge space and study rooms are offered on each floor
  • The first floor offers a large meeting room, lounge area, and a first in the region: a game cleaning room for our students who like to hunt
  • Wireless internet access is located throughout the hall, and individual rooms are wired for high-speed internet


COVID-19 Safety Update

Northern recently installed plasma ionization units from Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) in Great Plains West. By using needlepoint bipolar ionization technology, these units will target contaminants in the air field, killing various pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus.


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Great Plains West Room Layouts

Two-Person Two-Bedroom Semi-Suite
Two-Person Two-Bedroom Suite
Four-Person Two-Bedroom Semi-Suite
Four Person Two Bedroom Semi-Suite
Four-Person Four-Bedroom Suite
Four-Person Four-Bedroom Suite
Four-Person Two-Bedroom Suite
Four-Person Two-Bedroom Suite