Northern offers language placement tests to help ensure you enroll in language classes appropriate for your experience level.


Students can take classes in Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. If you've previously taken classes in or have experience with any of these languages, you might place into a higher-level language course - just take the relevant test below. 


Please note that some programs at Northern require one or more semesters in a language. Non-native English speakers cannot use their native language to fulfill this language requirement.


Credit for past efforts

There's another advantage to testing: degree-seeking students at Northern who place into a 201 course or above - and receive a C or better in that course - can choose to buy the credits for the 100-level language courses at a reduced rate, and have those credits added to their academic transcript. Please contact the Registrar's Office for details and assistance.


Testing details

  • You'll need your student email and ID number to create a testing account with Emmersion, our testing provider.
  • Do your best so placement test results will accurately represent your language knowledge.
  • Copies of test results will be sent to you and Dr. Elizabeth Haller, chair of the department of English, Communication and Global Languages. Please work with your advisor; Dr. Lysbeth Benkert; and the Registrar's Office to ensure proper placement into a language course. 
  • Students may be asked to meet with language faculty members for a final placement decision.

Contact Us

For more information and assistance, contact:


Danielle Notz, testing coordinator