Spring 2022

  • Kai Brisk, from Buffalo, Minn., who is pursuing a bachelor of arts degree, for "Skopelos Foundation for the Arts Residency." 
  • Matej Cip, a music performance major from Hodslavice, Czech Republic, for "Connections between European Cimbalom and Chinese Yangqin.”
  • Gabrielle Grieme, for “Gaining Insight into Culturalism and Feminism Through Art."
  • Melissa Ulber, a music and criminal justice major from Riverside, Calif., for "Student Music Composition and Conducting Project."
  • Camryn Wipf, an elementary education major (B.S.Ed.) from Aberdeen, for “Golf Fore All: A Golf Clinic for Youth with Disabilities."





Studying music education

Grant total:  $871

“Clarinet Trio Recording Project and Performances Around SD”



This award will be utilized by a clarinet trio to create a professional recording of three pieces: Waltz, Op. 36, No. 3 - Amy Beach; Simple Gifts - arr. Kristen Denny-Chambers; and For the Sake of Art - Bill Malcolm. The recording will be submitted as an application to perform at the South Dakota Music Education Association (SDMEA) Conference in Rapid City, SD (October 28-30, 2021). In preparation for the performance at SDMEA, the clarinet trio will tour to area high schools (Watertown, Huron, and Redfield) performing both the aforementioned pieces as well as other prepared repertoire.


FALL 2020


Senior studying digital media

Grant total:  $785



Kate will be using this award for her senior art display.  She will travel to regional art galleries to gather ideas and use these to create a unique display of her art portfolio in the Avera Student Union art gallery.  



Senior majoring in marketing and management

Grant total:  $1,000

“Assessment of Advertising Appeals Using Google Ads”



For my proposed research I plan to study the correlation between search campaigns and desired conversions. In order to study this, it is imperative that I have access to an organization’s Google Ads account and Google Analytics account to runs tests and assess the results. Justin Fraase has given me permission to run search ads on behalf of NSU and he will be involved in the search campaign, along with my faculty sponsor Dr. Hannah Walters. NSU currently runs search campaigns and my campaigns will be run in conjunction, albeit separate than NSU’s current campaigns. The search campaigns will be run through Google search ads, of which I am certified to use, but have little experience actually using. I plan to use A/B testing with different search campaigns to determine the most effective appeal to potential students. The appeals include humor, emotional, testimonial, and rational.



Senior English major

Grant total:  $75

“Starting to HyFlex: Inital Instructor Experiences with HyFlex Course Design”



This project aims to better understand instructors implementing HyFlex for the first time in their courses. It looks over the systemic data collected over the Fall 2020 semester to better understand how Northern’s faculty have experienced the HyFlex model. The study consists of interviews conducted with each participant, from September to December once a month. Participants share their thoughts on their experience with implementing HyFlex as well as how they design their courses, how they have perceived student engagement, and how they have overcome unexpected challenges.


Spring 2020

Terrina Barnes

Junior biology major 

Grant total:  $1,000

“Survey of Western Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta): Population structure, efficacy of trapping techniques, and hematological measures of stress”


Project Description

In this project, we will survey the turtle population in an inlet pond on the edge of Clear Lake, in Marshall County, South Dakota (45.695469, -97.340790). Turtles will be extensively surveyed using three different trapping techniques. Population size and structure of Western Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta) will be estimated and compared to previously reported by catch data. In addition, the presence of other turtle species will be documented. Sex and morphological characteristics will be recorded and blood samples for both hematological and genetic studies will be collected. I will be assisting with all aspects of the field work consisting of setting/location of traps, mark captures, collect hematological samples, and record data.