Northern's newest sculpture stands at the gateway to campus, in front of the Harvey C. Jewett IV Regional Science Education Center

A new wolf can be seen at Northern State University - a beautiful sculpture that stands in front of the Harvey C. Jewett IV Regional Science Education Center, at the corner of South State Street and 12th Avenue Southeast.

The wolf has drawn attention from numerous people - including NSU Honors students, President Downs and the building's namesake, Harvey Jewett!

Honors students grouped together around Wolf statue in front of the Jewett Regional Science Education Center

It was installed in September:


It was ready for the Regional Science Education Center ribbon cutting:

The Wolf was also ready for NSU Soccer's home opener:

The Wolf was made possible thanks to Ka and Sally Squire of Aberdeen and sculptor John Lopez, a Northern alum! Read more here:

Ka and Sally Squire and sculptor John Lopez posing together in front of the NSU Wolf statue

Creating the Wolf Sculpture

Northern's new wolf, which stands in front of the Harvey C. Jewett IV Regional Science Education Center, was created by South Dakota sculptor John Lopez, a Northern alum.

“My inspiration was the wolf itself – the strength and power they possess,” Lopez said. “I like to find a motion or design within all the animals I do and a wolf has so much long hair that I could really go for it with a different kind of texture than I have attempted before.”

Read the full story HERE.

wolf sculpture