You have received federal financial aid from Northern State University. We hope you find the aid offer helpful and that the information provided answers most of your questions. For more assistance, please contact the NSU Financial Aid Office at

Your next step is to accept or decline the financial aid offer online in Self Service Banner. Once logged in, you can review your aid offer, answer questions regarding your enrollment plans, accept or decline your federal aid, and submit scholarship information.

  • If you currently have a Wolves email address, please select “Current Students” below.
  • Otherwise, please select “New or Readmitted Students”.
Current Students
  • After reviewing these steps, click here: Self Service Banner
  • If you have not already logged on, you will be prompted to log in by entering your:
  • Once logged in, select "click here" under Financial Aid.
  • Respond to any unanswered questions and unsatisfied requirements.
  • Select "Award Offer" to review and respond to your award.
New or Readmitted Students

If you do not currently have access to our student information system, review the steps outlined below and then click on Student Portal to access your financial aid award information.

  • After reviewing these steps, click here: Banner – Student Portal
  • Enter your Student ID in the “Username” box, then click on the “Forgot Password?” button.
    • You should have received your “Student ID” in an email sent to the email address you specified on your FAFSA. The ID will be in the format of 123456789.
    • If you receive the error message “Authorization Failure – Security Question is not set up” and are a current/past student or employee of the South Dakota University system, then you will need to log in through the Current Student procedures instead of through this page.
  • You will then be presented with a security question. Enter your response to the question in the ‘Answer’ box, and then click the ‘Submit Answer’ button.
  • After correctly answering the security question, the next screen will allow you to reset your Password. Enter the same value in the boxes labeled “New Password” and “Re-enter new Password,” then click the “Reset Password” button.
    • a. Your new Password must be at least ten characters long and contain both letters and numbers.
  • Once logged in, select "click here" under Financial Aid.
  • Respond to any unanswered questions and unsatisfied requirements.
  • Select "Award Offer" to review and respond to your award.
Let's Walk You Through It!

In this video, we will walk you through the steps in order to view your financial aid offer and either accept or decline our offer!

To watch, visit 




Q: Can I change the loan amount later if I accept or decline my loan now?

A: Yes, you can complete a Reduce or Cancel Form or a Request for Additional Loans Form.


Q: What is my federal financial aid offer based on? 

A: Your federal financial aid is based on the information you provided on your FAFSA, your estimated cost of attendance, and program eligibility requirements. This is why your eligibility for things like the Pell Grant and workstudy can vary from year to year.


Q: How many credits do I need to get federal financial aid?

A: Requirements vary by program. A Federal Pell Grant recipient may be able to receive funds by taking one course.  To receive federal loans, a student must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits for undergraduates, 5 credits for graduates).


Q: Are there other financial aid options for me?

A: Yes! You can look into scholarships, TEACH Grants, payment plans, PLUS loans and more. Get more information at Financial Aid Options.


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