Accounting Minor (available online)

An accounting minor will help you develop the critical thinking and analytical skills needed to manage financial transactions and prepare financial reports.


Adapted Physical Activities Minor (available online)

Northern's adapted physical education minor will offer hands-on experience in providing fitness and sport opportunities to individuals with disabilities.


Agricultural Business Minor

The agricultural business minor combines business, management, marketing, finance and economics courses from Northern with specialized agriculture courses from South Dakota State University.


Art History Minor 

Courses you'll enjoy in this minor span a wide variety of topics in art, including art history, theory and criticism, appreciation, ethics and graphic design. You'll also have the option to take courses in arts management, grant writing and more.


Banking and Financial Services Minor (available online)

This minor will introduce you to the business of banking and how bankers evaluate business performance to best serve customers’ financial needs.


Biology Minor

Northern's biology minor emphasizes hands-on activities and critical thinking. In courses related to plants and animals, you'll explore your interest in life sciences while connecting to our natural world.


Business Minor

This minor offers an introduction to business basics such as accounting and computer applications.


Chemistry Minor

Support your major or simply satisfy your interest in chemistry by learning fundamental principles of general and organic chemistry, along with a broad introduction to basic laboratory techniques.


Chinese Minor (available online)

Learn to communicate in one of the world's most-spoken languages with introductory, intermediate and advanced Chinese classes.


Coaching Minor

If coaching is in your future, this minor is perfect for you. Learn from actual coaches and professors about tactics, theory, and scheme, and how to coach for all ages. This minor includes courses in coaching baseball, softball, basketball, football, track and field, cross country, wrestling, volleyball and soccer.


Communication Studies Minor

Learn to understand and practice communication, developing insight into and ability in effective expression and listening - skills crucial for any job.


Computer Science Minor

Explore the systems behind technology with courses in system analysis and design, database management, data mining, security and more.


Creative Writing Minor

Creative writing offers a variety of formats and contexts in which to develop your writing, focusing on ways to become a more precise and adaptable writer. 


Criminal Justice Minor (available online)

In this minor, you'll learn about all aspects of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, the legislative and judicial process, institution and community corrections, and connections between criminal justice and society.


Digital Media Minor

The digital media minor focuses on art design and the technological tools with which to create and share your designs.


E-learning Minor

Enhance your teaching resume with knowledge of educational technology tools and resources, and how to best use them in the classroom or through distance teaching.


Early Childhood Education Minor

This minor provides an introduction to guidance, literacy, social development and effective teaching of young children.


Economics Minor

Gain a solid grounding in economics with classes in business statistics and principles of microeconomics, then customize this minor with economics electives.


Elementary Reading Minor

Classes in biology, chemistry, geography and physics are designed to develop future elementary-level teachers' expertise in this area.


English as a New Language Minor (available online)

Learn practical methods to teach English and develop academic curriculum for English language learners.


English Minor

Extend the power of your education and develop critical reading, writing and communication skills with an English minor. You'll study British and American literature and choose from electives focusing on writing, linguistics or literature.


Entrepreneurship Minor

A potential complement to any major, Northern's entrepreneurial studies minor provides resources to innovate and lead your own entrepreneurial venture.


Geographic Information Science (GIS) Minor

Courses in geographic information science (GIS) teach you to use location-based data to better understand the world. You'll develop an understanding of spatial analysis and the art of digital mapmaking that complements discipline-specific knowledge, from environmental management to epidemiology, criminology, and business location-based analytics. GIS is a rapidly growing field with strong job prospects. 


Geography Minor

Geography complements a variety of majors. You'll be encouraged to expand your world view through the study of global issues and processes. This minor minor offers courses in physical, world regional, regional, human and political geography, as well as instruction in remote sensing, data creation and use of geographic information systems.


German Minor (available online)

Knowledge of German culture, history, and literature sharpens your skills in critical thinking, creativity, communication, and teamwork - skills you need for jobs in nearly any field.


Government Minor

The government minor is designed for those who want to become more knowledgeable about American government and international politics, and who want to become more educated and effective citizens. In this program, you’ll learn to communicate and discuss ideas concisely and effectively.


Health Minor

Learn about creating conditions that promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and how to implement health directives to improve lives in your school and community.


History Minor

The history minor offers interesting and engaging courses that will encourage you to learn and practice marketable skills.  The classroom experience created by our award-winning faculty will be unlike any other history course you’ve ever taken. This minor touches on Western civilization and U.S. history and use of the historical method to investigate important questions about society; perform research and clearly present findings; and discuss the significance of important events and issues in American and world history. 


Human Resource Management Minor

This 18-credit minor offers courses in organization and management, workforce planning and selection, training and development, compensation, and more.


International Business Studies Minor

In this program, you’ll take courses that will develop your understanding of diverse human values, motivations, and relations.


International Studies Minor

Core courses for this minor include world regional geography; world and Western civilization; and international relations, law, organization and human rights.


Legal Studies Minor

Northern's legal studies minor offers a broad-based introduction to the legal system, with courses in philosophy, logic, criminal law and procedure, constitutional and international law, government and international relations. In this minor, you'll learn to evaluate an individual’s relationship with other members of society and the government.  It's a great foundation for those who may be considering law school. 


Management Information Systems Minor

Through classroom lectures and hand-on information systems projects, you’ll study technical and managerial areas in MIS. Courses include system analysis and design, web authoring, and IT security, assurance and risk management.


Marketing Minor (available online)

Learn to stay on top of trends and technology, and how social media, search, video, and analytics work in the marketing mix. Your studies also will touch on communication, critical thinking, analytics, project management, creativity and expression, negotiation, and more.


Mathematics Minor

 A math minor might be for you if you love and excel at math, but your schedule can't accommodate a double major.  In addition to enhancing your mathematical knowledge, completion of the minor can identify you as a highly analytical, intellectually curious student who sets high standards and welcomes a challenge. This minor's 20 credits can easily be completed in three years (possibly two) as you work toward your major.


Mathematics Minor in Elementary Education

With this minor, you'll begin building a strong foundation in mathematics for teaching. Courses include math concepts for teachers, trigonometry and calculus.


Music for Elementary Education Minor

Designed for the elementary education major who plans to teach elementary music.  This minor may result in a music for elementary education endorsement from the South Dakota Department of Education.


Music Minor

This music minor, designed for education majors, offers private and class instruction; music appreciation, theory and conducting; ensemble work; and instruction in elementary music methods.


Native and Indigenous Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary program - featuring Lakota language classes, experiential learning opportunities and brand new courses - will help students draw connections among local Native American experiences and global indigenous cultures on a broad range of topics.


Philosophy Minor

Philosophy is the study of the history of ideas and how to make effective and valid arguments.  The minor is useful for students who are going into fields where they are expected to make logical arguments, present ideas, or defend a position. Introductory classes in philosophy and logic form the foundation of this minor, which also offers a wide selection of elective courses including business ethics, philosophy of religion, constitutional law, sociological theory and more.


Physical Education Minor

For education majors, this minor provides an overview of Northern's physical education major.


Professional Writing and Rhetoric Minor

Professional writing and rhetoric instruction covers topics and skills including digital media, rhetorical theory and practice, news editing and writing, and professional, technical and grant writing.


Psychology Minor

Knowledge of psychology can help you in any career field. Northern has designed this minor to be fluid, flexible, and wide open in terms of course selection, so you can build a psychology minor that works for you.


Public History Minor (available online)

This minor is designed for students interested in teaching and working in history. You'll explore the world of public historians' work in museums, archives, art galleries, historical sites, national parks, state and local preservation offices, and private consulting firms. With its emphasis on teaching skills to work in nonprofit, educational and public institutions, this minor complements a variety of majors.


Public Relations Minor (available online)

Develop professional communication skills with this minor, which includes courses in writing, speaking, advertising and marketing.


Religious Studies Minor

The religious studies minor is designed to help students better understand and interpret religious texts, particularly texts important to Western religious traditions. Students completing the minor will learn to compare and contrast different belief systems and to evaluate the way in which religion affects and is affected by major historical, political, social, and cultural developments.


Science Education Minor

The science education minor addresses current needs in the science discipline at a level appropriate to non-science majors. This minor is designed for a wider audience, but is meant to provide content-level training appropriate for educators seeking certification in K-8 classrooms.


Social Science Minor For Elementary Teachers

This minor provides a specialty area for elementary teachers.


Social Work Minor

Courses in this minor introduce students to the field of social work.


Sociology Minor

Courses in this minor introduce the scientific study of society and social interactions among people, showing you how to understand and navigate the social systems that influence our lives.


Spanish Minor

Learn Spanish writing, conversation and grammar in this 20-credit minor. A practical skill added to any major, Spanish can be used today - no matter where you live.  A bilingual skill set is highly marketable and can increase your earning potential. 


Special Education Minor

This minor is designed to prepare general education classroom teachers to meet the needs of students with disabilities in the general education classroom. The minor does not provide certification in special education.


Sport Management Minor

Learn about the world of sports – not what happens between the whistles, but before and after games have been played. Go behind the scenes and learn about finances, management, ethics, and more. This minor can benefit both non-athletes and athletes.


Studio Art Minor

Discover and develop your talent in art design, painting and sculpture.


Theatre Minor

If you choose this minor, you will have the opportunity to select electives and specialize in the study of theater.