At Northern, we're proud to be large enough to offer you a variety of educational opportunities yet small enough to give you personal attention to help you achieve your academic goals.

Uniting these priorities is the official Advising for Registration Period each term. Advisors can help you plan the courses you need to take to complete your educational goals. Advisors also can help you plan the courses you need to when they are offered, as not all courses are offered every term. 

Before the Advising for Registration Period

  • Look at your profile on DegreeWorks. Update your contact information with the Registrar's Office. Check your listed program: major, minors, degree. If not accurate, talk to your advisor and submit a program approval form to the Registrar’s Office, if an undergraduate student; or the grad office if a graduate student.
  • Look up your program evaluation to see what classes you still need. Access information on using DegreeWorks, understanding your program evaluation, schedule worksheets and hold information on the Northern website.
  • Check your NSU email or Navigate for any alerts. Check Self-Service Banner for any midterm deficiencies for courses from other South Dakota Board of Regents (BOR) universities. If you receive any, talk to your advisor or the instructor for assistance.
  • Look up who your advisor is using Self-Service Banner, either on your profile or on your program evaluation. Contact them and set up an appointment via Navigate during the Advising for Registration Period.
  • Look up the schedule of classes using Course Search on Self-Service Banner and make a tentative plan of classes for the next semester.

During the Advising for Registration Period

  • Keep your appointment with your advisor and finalize your proposed schedule. Be sure to select alternate classes.
  • Look up your registration priority on Self-Service Banner and make a note on your personal calendar to register on that day and time.
  • Check My Restrictions on Self-Service Banner periodically for holds, and follow up on them.

During the Registration Period

  • Get registered on or immediately after your priority date and time to have the best chance of getting the classes you want.
  • If you received any midterm deficiencies or Navigate alerts, talk to your advisor to develop a plan of action, and possibly revise your schedule for next term.
  • Once registered, look at your program evaluation on DegreeWorks again to be sure courses apply where expected. If anything looks wrong, contact the Registrar's Office.
  • If you are registering for your final term, apply for graduation via Self-Service Banner.

After the end of the term

  • Check Self-Service Banner for your final grades.
  • Make schedule changes if necessary. Consult with your advisor.

Just before the start of the term

  • Do attendance confirmation (fall and spring terms only) to confirm your enrollment plans for the semester
  • Check your schedule for any changes: time, instructor, location
  • Check SDe-Pay for billing information, and make payment arrangements