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Housing Features

Each residence hall on campus has its own defining features and attributes that are based on the community of students who live in these halls. 

All residencies on Northern's campus offer twin extra-long beds, desks and storage spaces for clothing and personal belongings within student’s private rooms. There are full kitchens and coin or card operated laundry facilities in all of our residence halls. 


Wolves Memorial Suites

Wolves memorial

This modern residence hall opened in 2017. Wolves Memorial offers a very involved and active community of students with suite and semi-suite options. Study and conference rooms are available for student use as well as kitchen spaces and laundry rooms on each floor. Students enjoy the pool table found in the main lobby of this residence hall.





Great Plains West

great plains west

This hall opened in fall 2018 and offers multiple varieties of suite and semi-suite-style living. This community supports activity in and out of rooms with students of various majors and class designations. Inside this community is our game and fish cleaning room - students can gain swipe access to this room by signing a waiver. There are full kitchens, lobby, and study spaces as well as laundry rooms on every floor to fulfill student needs.





Great Plains East

Great plains east

This residence hall opened in fall 2018 and offers a vibrant community of pod style traditionally oriented campus living. In the main lobby, a 24/7 self-service convenience store we call the GRID market features Created with Love that offers rotating dining concepts. Kitchenettes, study spaces, and ample lobby spaces are featured on every floor; laundry can be found on the first floor as students enter the security doors. A foosball table and full kitchen space are available in the main lobby. Each floor has kitchenette spaces provided with a mini fridge, microwave, and sink.




Kramer Hall

Kramer hall

Northern’s longest-standing suite and semi-suite style residence hall hosts a vibrant community of students from a variety of backgrounds. Housing options include single occupancy semi-suite bedrooms if housing requests allow for single occupancy. Laundry can be found on the first floor; lounge spaces are found throughout, with a ping-pong table on the second floor.









Steele Hall

Steele Hall

Community in a smaller environment, Steele Hall offers four-person suites that consist of a living room and bathroom between two double rooms. Centralized laundry is found on the first floor and kitchen spaces are on all floors for residents to utilize.






Cost Comparison

How much does it cost to live on campus?

All on-campus rates account for approximately a month of living on campus for the academic year. Semester tuition, room and board, and fees are due on the census date for each semester determined by the South Dakota Board of Regents. 

Please see full semester prices at Residence Life .

McArthur-Welsh Double occupancy: $563Average price of 1-bedroom rentals in Aberdeen: $807
McArthur-Welsh Single occupancy: $716Fair Market Rent* of 1-bedroom rental in Brown County: $643
Great Plains East Double occupancy: $698Average price of 2-bedroom rentals in Aberdeen: $1,331
Kramer Single occupancy: $941Fair Market Rent* of 2-bedroom rentals in Brown County: $829
Kramer Double occupancy semi-suite: $720Average price of 3-bedroom rentals in Aberdeen: $1,139
Kramer Double occupancy suite: $756Fair Market Rent* of 3-bedroom rentals in Brown County: $1,178
Great Plains West 4 person/2-bedroom semi-suite: $782Average price of 4-bedroom rentals in Aberdeen: $1,338
Great Plains West 4 person/2-bedroom suite: $850Fair Market Rent* of 4-bedroom rentals in Brown County: $1,412
Great Plains West 2 person/2-bedroom semi-suite: $880 
Great Plains West 4 person/4-bedroom suite: $896 
Wolves Memorial Suites 4 person/2-bedroom semi-suite: $788 
Wolves Memorial Suites 4 person/2-bedroom suite: $881 
Wolves Memorial Suites 2 person/1 bedroom suite: $912Please note that average prices for rentals in Aberdeen do not include any fees that may apply such as internet, utilities, snow removal, trash, sewer, etc.
The on campus monthly calculations were determined from the 2022-2023 academic year rates.* = Fair Market Rent is determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development