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Business in London and Paris



March 9-16, 2024





Join Honors Program Director and Associate Professor of Management Dr. Kristi Bockorny and Associate Professor of Management Dr. Amber Henderson to explore business in London and Paris! In this exhilarating eight-day journey, you'll embark on a remarkable adventure through the heart of Europe. 

The trip begins with a flight out of Aberdeen, S.D. to London, setting the stage for an unforgettable exploration. In London, you'll start with a captivating walking tour of the city's iconic landmarks, including The Strand, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, and Covent Garden. The day culminates with a classic British dinner of fish and chips. 

Day three kicks off with a guided tour, featuring must-see sites like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and possibly the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. You'll also have time for independent exploration, allowing you to soak up London's unique charm at your own pace. On day four, engage in a cultural exchange and industry experience with meetings and lectures at Hult International Business School.

Day five marks your transition to Paris via the Eurostar train. In the City of Light, you'll immerse yourself in the Latin Quarter's rich history, visit the Louvre to marvel at world-renowned art, witness Notre-Dame Cathedral's restoration progress, and savor a delightful dinner. 

As your European journey continues, day six offers a guided tour of Paris, showcasing iconic landmarks such as Place de la Concorde, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower. The adventure reaches new heights with a visit to Hôtel des Invalides, offering insights into Louis XIV's grand vision. 

Day seven merges cultural enrichment and industry insights with meetings with local experts. Finally, on day eight, it's time to bid adieu to Europe and depart for home, bringing a treasure trove of memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

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Estimated Cost

$4,400 plus NSU tuition

Price includes round-trip travel from Aberdeen, eight-day program, all hotel stays, entrance fees and cultural programs, all ground transportation, guides, and translators. Out-of-pocket expenses: $150 passport, $200 meals not included in program, $200 personal expenses, $360 for NSU tuition per credit hour. Scholarships are available.



Kristi Bockorny, associate professor of management/Honors Program director

Lincoln Hall 118



Amber Henderson, associate professor of marketing and management

Lincoln Hall 119




History and Geography of Peru



May 8-19, 2024





Join Northern State University geography professor Dr. Erin Fouberg and history professor Dr. Steven Usitalo on an 11-day excursion to Peru. 

We will begin in Lima, Peru's capital and a cultural (and food!) center of South America. After exploring Lima, we will fly to Cusco, the historic capital of the Incan Empire. You will have time to wander Cusco's beautiful streets and visit its markets. 

We will continue our journey to the fabled Sacred Valley. We will take a one-day hike on the Incan Trail into Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world. The next day, we will explore Machu Picchu and the small village where it is located. 

Our journey will end with three nights in the Amazon, at the Tambopata National Preserve. Those on this journey will experience two extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime settings: Machu Picchu and the Amazon. 

Explore Peru with the support of two Northern faculty and private English-speaking guides throughout the trip. Entrance to all stops on the itinerary are included. Price includes all transfers, including one-way flights between cities in the region, and private transportation by coach or vans in country. All breakfasts and several lunches and dinners included. 

Northern State University's Cultural Exploration of Peru is open to current students, alumni, and community members.

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Estimated Cost

$4,650 plus NSU tuition

This includes round-trip travel, 12-day program with all hotels, entrance fees to all sites, and cultural programs. Out-of-pocket expenses: $150 passport, $200 additional meals not provided, $200 personal expenses, $360 for NSU tuition per credit hour. Scholarships are available.



Erin Fouberg, associate vice president for Academic Affairs

Spafford 205B



Steven Usitalo, professor of history, department chair

Technology Center 369



Education and Culture in Italy



May 17-26, 2024





Consider an experience of a lifetime with our faculty-led study abroad experience in Italy! Join teacher education professors Dr. Anna Schwan and Dr. Nicole Schutter on an unforgettable journey where you'll explore the Italian education system, immerse yourself in Italian culture, and let Rome, Florence, and Venice captivate you with history, art, music, food, and architecture. 

In Rome we will visit important sites such as the Coliseum, the Vatican, and the Sistine Chapel. From Rome we travel by train to the enchanting city of Florence, where we will visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa and you'll have time to explore Lucca, one of the most stunning cities in Tuscany that is still surrounded by thick medieval walls. Our final destination is Venice, where we will experience travel by water taxi, a visit to Glass Island, and maybe some time in Lido di Venezia. 

Throughout the experience you'll learn about the fusion of history, culture, and education in Italy with visits to schools and the Scuola Waldorf Firenze. 

Northern State University's exploration of education and culture in Italy 2024 will not only build your global awareness but will create memories that will be etched in your mind and heart forever.

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Estimated Cost

$5,400 plus NSU tuition

This includes round-trip travel from Minneapolis, 10-day program with public transportation passes in each city, breakfast every day, admission to planned stops and experiences (most with guided tours), all hotels, entrance fees to all sites, and cultural programs. Out-of-pocket expenses: $150 passport, $200 additional meals not provided, $200 personal expenses, $360 for NSU tuition per credit hour. Scholarships are available.



Anna Schwan, School of Education interim dean

Gerber 113



Nicole Schutter, teacher education department chair, assistant professor

Gerber 110


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