Northern State University's Office of Sponsored Projects provides research administration services for Northern.

About the Office

The Office of Sponsored Projects provides pre- and post-award services for faculty, staff and students. This includes assistance with:
  • Locating funding sources for ideas and proposed projects;
  • Securing application materials;
  • Preparing proposals and grant applications;
  • Coordinating on-campus approval phases;
  • Serving as the authorized organizational representative in submitting completed grant applications to funding agencies;
  • Interpreting agency award letters to determine grant administration responsibilities;
  • Establishing a fund for grants; and
  • Maintaining a deliverables calendar.
The office also prepares and maintains policies and procedures intended to ensure that the university can support proposed projects adequately and fulfill the requirements of the ensuing grants and contracts.

The office is a communication hub to help keep the university apprised of internal and external research opportunities, and helps ensure Northern complies with funding regulations.


Student Research

Northern is committed to student research:

  • Our Student Research page details Northern's student research opportunities
  • myNSU, our campus-only website, provides resources for student researchers
  • The campus-wide proposal process is available to help students find research project funding

Interested in Being a Research Participant?

Northern is committed to assisting researchers in their activities. Some areas of scholarship are only possible with research participants, or people who agree to be studies as a part of the research. Participation is voluntary, which means it is your choice to participate. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact the Office of Sponsored Projects or visit Northern’s Sona research volunteer site.


Research Compliance

Research compliance is important for adherence to the high standards of ethics, integrity, and responsibility in scholarship to which Northern is committed. Northern's Institutional Review Board (IRB) provides oversight of human subject research, and our Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) provides oversight of animal use and care. Both protect the welfare of animals, human or non-human-related. Please visit Institutional Review Board for more information.



Northern's faculty and staff have access to resources that support the grant application process, including PIVOT, a tool that helps locate funding for scholarly work. Detailed grant-development documents and required grant submittal forms are available through the Office of Sponsored Projects in MyNSU under “Office of Sponsored Projects” (under Employee Resources).  


Grant Process


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Please contact Dr. Alyssa Kiesow for more information.

Sponsored Projects Newsletters