Starting Spring 2021 term, NSU launched an online bookstore for all textbooks and course materials. Selecting and ordering books is done completely online and students' course materials are shipped to them. Akademos provides these services for NSU faculty and students.  


Online bookstore benefits

The Online Bookstore will streamline the adoption process for faculty and administrators, making it easy to select and adopt course materials for class. Through the adoption portal, you can:

  • Log in using your NSU account and see only the courses you are assigned to teach
  • Search for textbooks by ISBN or book title
  • Create a custom Coursepack for your course
  • After one semester of use, view previous course and departmental history textbook adoptions
  • Review book details prior to adoption
  • Add ancillary materials, course notes and files
  • See real-time pricing and availability for materials

The on-campus Wolf Shoppe continues to sell Northern-branded T-shirts, hats, key chains and more as well as school supplies, snacks, and art supplies. Please note, textbooks will NOT be for sale at the campus store, so students should plan ahead for the upcoming academic terms by reviewing and ordering the course materials they need.


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